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Get a Hypervolt Massage Gun for Up to $80 Off This Prime Day

Now's the time to buy that massage gun you've been eyeing.

Three Hyperice massage gun models on an orange background
Get Hyperice's Hypervolt massage guns for up to $80 off this Prime Day.

This story is part of Amazon Prime Day, CNET's guide to everything you need to know and how to find the best deals.

Hyperice's massage guns are among my favorite recovery tools, and now you can snag one for up to 80 bucks off. Hyperice is participating in Amazon Prime Day and is also featuring sales on its official website, with discounts on its popular Hypervolt massage guns. With the latest Prime Day deals, you can get the Hypervolt Go 2 for $159 ($40 off $199), the Hypervolt 2 for $239 ($60 off $299) and the Hypervolt 2 Pro for $319 ($80 off $399).

Massage guns offer plenty of health benefits, especially if you're active and take your recovery seriously. CNET previously named the original Hypervolt Go as one of the best budget-friendly massage guns for muscle relief. With the current sale, you can get the same benefits from the Hypervolt Go 2 -- its upgraded massage gun -- sold even cheaper. It's small enough to have with you while you're traveling or to keep in your gym bag. If size doesn't matter to you, then you'll be satisfied with the original massage gun of the series, the Hypervolt 2. This model is light, has QuietGlide technology (a feature it shares with the Hypervolt 2 Pro) and isn't as big as the Hypervolt 2 Pro.

The Hypervolt 2 Pro is best for those who want the most features on a massage gun. The Hypervolt 2 Pro has five digital speeds (compared with three for the other massage guns), and is the biggest one of the series, but still TSA-friendly. The great part about this sale is that if Hyperice sells out on its Amazon page, you can hop on over to its official website and have access to the same deal. Besides the Prime Day deals, Hyperice's website also has other deals going on, so you can pick up additional accessories at a discounted rate.

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