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The 7 best fitness subscription boxes for 2022 for every workout style

Whether you're a yogi, runner or gym rat, everyone loves new stuff.

Is there anything like going to the gym in a brand-new set of workout clothes or discovering your new favorite protein-packed snacks and post-run meals? It may be a cliche, but variety is the spice of life -- and that's true for your workout too. One of the best ways to keep your fitness routine (and your lifestyle) feeling fresh is with a monthly subscription box, one that delivers customized gear, apparel, treats, products and workout ideas to you on a regular basis. The trick is to choose a subscription service that fits your preferences, needs, personal lifestyle and workout style -- which, given how many options there are to choose from, is easier said than done. They're all high quality, and great for anyone whose goals are to get fit or stay fit. 

Just like finding a great wearable or podcast can inspire you to stick to your fitness goals, the right fitness monthly subscription service, products and clothes can keep you motivated as you race toward your goals, too. Here, we've rounded up some of the best fitness subscription boxes available, with all kinds of exercisers in mind. 

Fab Fit Fun

If you've dipped so much as a toe into the pool of popular subscription services, you probably know about FabFitFun. Run on a seasonal schedule that ships four boxes per year, every box in this popular subscription contains eight to 10 lifestyle products that may include accessories, clothing, grooming, skin-care products, gear or small housewares. Subscribers have the option to have their order customized for their lifestyle or add on additional products every season, but they can also roll the dice and have the entire box arrive as a surprise. Clearly, FabFitFun aims to offer variety, and it delivers on that front from a product and price standpoint -- the retail value of every box is around $200 or more. it really is fab fit fun!

What you pay: $49.99 per season or $179.99 for a year

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With this monthly subscription, YogaClub sends every subscriber a monthly delivery of a high quality three-piece yoga outfit chosen by a personal stylist, who bases their curated selection on the current season as well as a style quiz every customer must complete before ordering their first monthly delivery. Whatever a customer's specific style and apparel preferences are, the monthly clothes they receive are always from name brands like Manduka, Onzie, Columbia, and Splendid, among others. It's basically like having a personal yoga stylist. If any of the monthly pieces miss the mark, the fitness apparel can be exchanged online for a new item via YogaClub's store. Or, subscribers can swap workout clothes with each other through YogaClub's Facebook Community.

What you pay: $79 per month, plus shipping

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A favorite of CrossFit athletes, GainzBox's monthly box comes with four to six products intended to enhance subscribers' workout experience and pump up their fitness routine. Past monthly subscription boxes have featured snacks every month from emerging brands, performance fitness apparel and activewear like running shorts, leggings, socks and sports bras and such workout products as free weights and resistance bands for gym or home use. GainzBox also offers one-time gift boxes for holidays and birthdays, though they do cost a little more than the regular monthly subscription box.

What you pay: $93 for three months, $180 for six months, $348 for a year, or $32 for a month-by-month plan, plus $7 for shipping

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This athleisure monthly subscription service presents customers with three gear and apparel options to choose from at the start of every month. Depending on the monthly subscription plan, the outfit may consist of a top and a pair of bottoms; a top, a sports bra and a pair of bottoms; or three pieces of activewear apparel plus two accessories or other workout and lifestyle products, from brands including Bally Total Fitness, Marika and Ellie itself. Subscribers have the option to skip a month if none of the options appeal to them, and Ellie will replace products free of charge. While the monthly outfits are selected with cycling, yoga and fitness in mind, they're also well-suited to running errands and lounging -- any goals, really.

What you pay: $39.95 for two items per month, $44.95 for three items per month, or $49.95 for five items per month


Featuring nutrient-dense snacks, safety equipment and personal care items, StrideBox aims to provide subscribers with snacks that motivate them to keep running, training and working toward their fitness goals. More than just general healthy snacks that help with weight loss, the products featured in StrideBox address issues specific to running, like bite-size snacks for eating on the go, electrolyte supplements for staying hydrated and friction barriers to prevent against blisters and chafing. Each box delivers between four and six snacks on a monthly basis and, in addition to offering familiar brands runners know and love like Honey Stinger and Clif, StrideBox also features products from up-and-coming brands including Lyte, Defunkify and Skratch Labs 

What you pay: $19.95 per month

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MuscleBox offers three types of boxes, depending on each subscriber's needs and preferences. Its original box is marketed toward men and features snacks, equipment, workout clothes and other fitness products centered around a different theme each month (such as ab workouts or professional fighting), while the Miss Muscle Box offers a similar curated selection of snacks plus women's workout gear, like a pair of leggings, without a theme. Finally, the Protein Box delivers only snacks and supplements, such as protein powder and protein-packed snacks, for those who already have enough gear. Every box also comes with access to Muscle Box's vast online library of workouts. 

What you pay: $29.99 per month for either the Men's MuscleBox, Miss Muscle Box or Protein Box

Fit Snack

True to its name, Fit Snack focuses on healthy, filling snacks every month, workout ideas and sound nutritional advice for active people, whether they're after weight loss or not. The exact number of snacks every month in the box ranges from about eight to 12, and they're selected by a nutritionist with various health needs and diets in mind, so subscribers usually receive an array of gluten-free, raw, high-protein or even vegan snacks (that are better than protein powder). For example, this month's Fit Snack box featured brands include Hippeas, MCTco and PlantFusion.

What you pay: $27.90 for three months, $26.90 for six months, $25.90 for a year or $28.90 for a month-by-month plan

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