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Amazon's Halo fitness band can now share your heart rate with third-party devices

Starting today, you can choose to let the wearable fitness tracker share your live heart rate data with supported third-party apps and devices.

Amazon Halo

Update, Sept. 28, 2021: Amazon announced several new Echo and Ring devices during the annual fall product launch event. We also got a first look at several new health-related products, including the Halo View fitness tracker and two health platforms: Halo Nutrition and Halo Fitness. Original story follows.

Amazon's Halo fitness band is a wearable that's designed to track everything from your movement and sleep patterns to your body fat and tone of voice. The Halo tracks your live heart rate, too -- and starting Thursday, you can choose to share that live heart rate data with supported third-party apps and devices, including fitness gear from NordicTrack, Openfit and Clmbr.

Connections like that should allow you to display your live heart rate on a supported machine while you get in a workout, or track your heart rate over time in a supported fitness app. It's another step toward expanding the Halo's versatility; earlier this summer, Amazon added a new phone camera-enabled movement tracker designed to analyze your flexibility.

To enable heart rate sharing, open the Halo app on your Android or iOS device, head to Settings > Heart Rate Sharing, and while wearing the Halo, turn the heart rate setting on.

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