Find the Best Meal Service for You With CNET's Meal Delivery Quiz

The perfect meal delivery service is waiting and we're gonna help you find it.

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If you've been searching for the perfect meal kit or prepared meal delivery service, search no longer. We've tested all the top options and devised this quiz to help you find the absolute best meal delivery service for you or the whole family. No matter your diet, nutrition goals or budget, there's a simple subscription waiting to take mealtime off your hands a few nights a week.

Meal kits or prepared meals?

The first thing you'll need to decide is whether you want a meal kit service or fully prepared meals. Meal kit services including Blue Apron and Sunbasket send all the ingredients you need premeasured along with recipes for you to knock out a quick meal in as little as 25 minutes. Don't forget, meal kits require a little cooking so make sure those knives are sharp. 

Prepared meal delivery companies such as Freshly and Splendid Spoon send meals, smoothies, snacks and more eats already made and ready to heat and eat. It really doesn't get much easier than prepared meals on a busy week and there are some exceptionally tasty options in 2022.

Budget-friendly or does cost not matter?

Next, you should decide how much you'll want to spend on regular meal delivery since a meal kit or prepared meal service will only work for you if it fits within your budget. 

For prepared meals, you can find family plans with options as low as $5 per serving but most range from about $8 per meal on the low end, up to $13 or $14 on the high end. There are superpremium prepared food services with meals as expensive as $20 but we don't suggest those. For that cost, you might as well just order takeout from your favorite local restaurant. 

With meal kits, there are also services with per-serving costs as low as $5 or $6. The middle ground has meal kits for about $8 or $9 per serving, and you'll often get a bump in ingredient quality along with more weekly options and flexibility. High-end meal kits use organic ingredients and offer more unique menu options including fish and steak. These typically range anywhere from $11 to $15 per serving but can go as high as $18 or $20 for superpremium recipe selections. 

With so many options for both meal kits and prepared meal delivery, you're bound to find one that works for your budget. 

Do you eat meat or prefer a plant-based meal delivery service?

Lastly, we'll want to know if you prefer to eat meat or prefer a completely plant-based meal delivery service. Nearly all of the services that have meat also offer vegetarian and vegan options but if you don't eat meat, we suggest opting for one of the plant-based services. Not only do they specialize in meat-free food but they tend to be a few dollars cheaper per serving. 

And if you're wondering if prepared meal delivery is healthy, know that most offer some hearty comfort foods such as pasta, but nearly all of them offer a slew of healthy options including low-calorie, low-carb and low-fat meals on their weekly menus. 

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