Apple recloses more stores due to coronavirus spikes

The iPhone maker is reportedly shuttering 30 more stores again as COVID-19 cases increase.

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Apple is reportedly reclosing 30 more stores because of surging coronavirus cases. The closures will happen in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Oklahoma, Georgia, Idaho, Louisiana and Alabama, according to a tweet from Mark Gurman of Bloomberg News. 

In recent weeks, Apple has reclosed 77 US stores, according to a report from CNBC. Apple had announced in late May that it would reopen more than 100 of its 271 US stores across 21 states. The company planned to offer only storefront and curbside service as lockdowns were easing around the world. 

Apple didn't immediately respond to a request for confirmation.

The tech giant, which held its annual Worldwide Developers Conference digitally last month, originally began closing stores internationally and restricting employee travel in early March. Later that month, Apple made the call to keep all its stores shuttered indefinitely. People could still shop online. 

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