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The 7 best Apple Watch chargers you can buy on Amazon

Keychain that charges your Apple Watch? Yep, Amazon’s got it.

Amanda Capritto
3 min read

The Apple Watch comes with everything you need, but that doesn't mean it comes with everything you might want. For instance, the charger: Apple's in-the-box charger gets the job done, but it's not the most portable option.

From pocket-sized power banks to charging travel cases, Amazon offers an impressive range of docks, stands and even keychains that can charge your Apple Watch. Here are seven of the best you can find on Amazon.

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When you travel with your Apple Watch, I'm willing to bet you have two priorities: Keep it charged and keep it safe from dings and scratches. 

With Twelve South's TimePorter, you can do both. The case features a built-in magnetic charging disk and power adapter, along with extra space for your Apple charging cube, cables and even an extra Apple Watch band.

For something simple yet sturdy, check out another Twelve South product: The HiRise charging dock for Apple Watch. This stand doesn't take up much space, but it looks nice and is sturdy enough to avoid being knocked over in the dark. It also holds your Apple Watch in the ideal position for Nightstand Mode

This dock isn't cheap, but it's worth it if you want a two-in-one stand that can charge your watch and your phone without the need to remove your phone case. Additionally, the built-in chargers free up the ones provided with your phone and watch to use as a spare elsewhere, like at work or in the car.

Not only does this charging stand look neat and futuristic, it's functional and convenient, too. Because it has three USB ports, it's a great charger to have for common areas, such as in your living room, but it would also work wonders for those who need all three to themselves. In the base, you can stock your charging cord, adapters and other small items. 

This cord-free Ugreen charger plugs straight into your wall or a power bank without the hassle of cables, so this is another great travel option -- no more untangling your phone and watch chargers that always seem to do the tango inside your carry-on. 

Another great feature this charger offers is its speedier charge time. Often, third-party chargers take longer than the native charger to fully charge a device. That goes for anything, not just Apple Watch, but this Ugreen charger promises to match the original 2-hour charge time of the native Apple Watch charger. 

Another power bank, I included this charger because of its premium-looking design that doubles as a keychain. I know that if I were to carry around something this small, I'd lose it in a heartbeat unless it was connected to something else I carry daily -- my keys. This one packs a little less power than the Ugreen above, offering a 1,050mAh bank, which provides up to 2.5 full charges for your Apple Watch. 

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