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As much as I wish it were true, not every car problem is easy to diagnose, even for technicians in charge of exactly that. Porsche is hoping its new augmented-reality system can remedy that.

Porsche's Tech Live Look is a set of augmented-reality (AR) smart glasses. In the event a technician finds a problem he or she cannot fix, they can use the glasses to connect with Porsche's Atlanta-based support team, which will be able to see exactly what the technician does.

It's a pretty cool look, aside from the cord.


The glasses come equipped to see just about anywhere or anything. LEDs provide illumination in dark crevices, and the glasses' high-resolution camera can automatically focus on details as small as screw threads.

Of course, it wouldn't be AR without some sort of augmentation. The support team in Atlanta can send instructions and technical service bulletins directly to the glasses, so the technician can see that information without running to a nearby computer to open an email.

Porsche first rolled out its Tech Live Look at eight dealerships this past summer. The glasses help decrease problem resolution time by approximately 40 percent, which means customers get their cars back faster. Nobody likes spending time in dealerships or driving courtesy cars, so this could go a long way in fostering goodwill between dealerships and their customers. 

Here's what the support team sees in Atlanta.

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