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Even though President Donald Trump has directed NASA to return Americans to the moon, most of us will never have the chance to set foot on the lunar surface. 

If you still dream of visiting our neighbor in space, then you can do the next best thing and immerse yourself in a spectacular 4K NASA video tour of the moon.

NASA shared the guided tour on Monday. It comes off as a cross between a science study and a vacation promo that will make you want to book a seat with SpaceX's planned moon-viewing journey

The footage moves between regular views and colorful digitally enhanced footage that shows off some the moon's fascinating geologic features. 

The video gives us an especially good look at the moon's dramatic craters. NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter has sent back some spectacular images that let us zoom in on boulders and get up close and personal with the moon's rugged surface.

A symphonic soundtrack pulses under the voice-over, but you can always just turn down the narrative, hit full-screen and lose yourself in the visuals of our pockmarked lunar companion. 



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