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Mercedes-Benz EQS passengers can play Tetris, Sudoku and more with update

The over-the-air update is rolling out in Europe and it's on the way for North Americans.

Got any games in that EQS?

Mercedes-Benz EQS passengers will soon get access to video games. The German automaker said Tuesday a new over-the-air update for its electric sedan provides the front passenger's screen with Tetris, Sudoku, Pairs and Shuffle Puck.

Unfortunately, it's not a free OTA update. Instead, Mercedes-Benz will charge about $105 at current euro-to-dollar exchange rates, but owners will have complimentary access for one year. The company doesn't have prices ready for the US yet, so around $100 seems like a fair bet. Aside from the games, this update also includes new digital light animations when opening and closing the EQS' doors and a "Roaring Pulse" sound experience. 

Just imagine Tetris running on the passenger's screen there.


Although Mercedes-Benz USA didn't specify when we'll see the OTA update stateside, a spokesperson did confirm that additional features are coming. Aside from the games, which will be identical to the European offerings, the passenger's screen will gain access to navigation, audio and comfort settings. The passenger won't be able to mess with whatever the driver selected, but instead, they'll be able to search for their own destinations and send them to the center screen. They'll also be able to pair Bluetooth headphones with their screen and listen to their own audio, rather than whatever the driver opted for.

Expect OTA updates to keep playing a big part in bringing new features to future cars like the EQS. The possibilities are endless for automaker to open up additional revenue streams.

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