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Charge up to four devices at once with Anker's mini power strip for just $10

At this price you'll want one for your desk, night stand, and travel bag.


We all have a lot of gadgets these days between our phones, smart watches, headphones and more. It's not always easy trying to charge them all at the same time, and no one wants to unplug one to plug another in. With hundreds of dollars worth of tech on the line, it's worth shelling out the couple extra bucks for a surge protector to make sure your devices and home are protected from electrical surges and can all be charged at once. Right now you can grab one, or a few, of these Anker mini power strips and safety systems for just $10 at Amazon. Just use the promo code ANK9123JAN at checkout.

I like that this mini power strips, because they're not too bulky, and won't lead to a tangled nest of cords sprawling across your floor. Each strip has two AC outlets, as well as two USB charging ports for powering up to four devices at a time. It has a 5-foot flexible cord, and the plug sits at a 90 degrees Fahrenheit, which is great when trying to fit it in tight spaces like behind a couch or shelf. The box itself is just over 3 inches long, compact enough to easily throw in your bag and take on the go, so no more hunting around the coffee shop for an open outlet. There is both a white and a black version, but only the white one qualifies for the discount.

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