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Removed computer from domain, admin rights problems

by / April 30, 2017 1:34 AM PDT / Posted in Computer Help

My aunt had an old work laptop from the university she works at. Since no one was using it anymore I got it. When I tried removing the computer from the univesity domain and make my own user I created a new work group. So I'm disconnected now, have a user account, but I have no admin rights and can barely do anything with this computer. Anytime I try to do anything which requires admin righs I need to use a smart card (which I don't have). I can't even run programs as a administrator because of that smart card.

I've tried:

1) Removing the smart card opinion ( but I'm not allowed to use gpedit.msc (any way to fix that?)

2) Enabling the hidden admin account ( but because of the smard card issues I can't run cmd as admin (any way to bypass this?)

3) safe mode start, but can't login to the admin user since I don't have the password.

If there is no way to solve one of the above, I've been wondering if I should try to do a clean install of Windows. It is currently Windows 7 enterprise, but I was planning on installing the home version of 7 (I want to upgrade to 10 eventually). Is that a good solution if I can't solve my admin problems and which version should I install? I'm also a bit worried if I can do a clean install since:

I can't do a computer backup -- need admin rights.

Can't install programs to backup drives nor use any program to recover program keys -- need admin rights.

I currently have nothing important on the computer so it's okay if everythings deleted, but I'm worried something will go wrong if there are missing drivers.

Summed up: A) can I gain admin rights in some way without re-install or B) is it safe to reinstall, and can I install Windows 7 home edition as it is?