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I just downloaded the new version 10. I had all kinds of problems with it.

The change destination folder did not work. It installed the security toolbar even tho I told it not to. After uninstalling it I could not uninstall the toolbar. It shut my LAN down so I could not get online for help. All help features seem to be online links. Could not get any help windows to open, just my browser. The internet and OS firewall is giving permissions without asking. All windows will not go to full screen so you have scroll back and forth. OS firewall is a shell of what is what is version 9. Did not get any of the normal alerts from the OS firewall when I booted. I even was able to make a change to my start up folder in the registry without an alert. There is no new network found feature. This was not a big deal with LAN but with wireless I found this to be helpful. I am going to try their tech support tomorrow and update if they have anything to help with this. My advise is to have a good backup available if your going to give it a try,

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I just closed a live chat with them. The reason I could not uninstall the toolbar is I looked in the wrong location in my uninstall window. They renamed the toolbar to the conduit toolbar. I was looking under s for security toolbar. They had no answer on why it installed it even tho I unchecked the box asking if I wanted to install it. They did the usually dance about what updates from windows I had, then we did the dance about how old the puter was. In the end the only question they answer was the toolbar. Everything else was a waste of time. They seemed to struggle with everything worked fine before installing version 10 and everything worked fine when I did a restore of the drive. This will be my last try of any of the releases. Back in the day before Checkpoint bought them they had one of the best Firewalls on the market. I had Zonealarm Wireless, back in 05, on my last laptop and it worked seamless. I really like the OS firewall when they released a working version of 6. That should had been a clue. It took them 2 tries to get version 6 right. Since then I have tried each release wanting to upgrade. The laptop died before they released a version that worked well enough for me to buy. Since getting a new one I have been trying them one at a time and now with the release of version 10 I am going to walk away from them.

Maybe I should have made this a rant not an alert.

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Concerning the toolbar
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Another Update

This is a reply they posted to a comment I left at the CNET review. of ZoneAlarm Pro 10

We value you as a longtime customer and would like to respond to your concerns here. Most are related to intentional changes designed to make the product more automated by default, which would understandably surprise longtime expert users.The main thing is that ZoneAlarm starts in Auto-Learn Mode to learn which programs you trust instead of asking you about each one. Your program policy settings are being automatically determined by our cloud-based DefenseNet. This is why you aren't seeing alerts. You can change this by setting Application Control to Maximum.You aren't seeing the network detection dialog because we also automated this for Windows Vista and Windows 7-ZoneAlarm automatically applies the setting you gave Windows for any network you've used before.The place where you turn off auto-updates has moved to Tools > Scheduled Tasks.ZoneAlarm lets you make edits in your registry with regedit because it's a Windows catalog program, but malware would NOT be able to make those edits. This is intentional---ZoneAlarm trusts programs in the Windows catalog by default, but you can also change that in the advanced Settings.
A few more follow ups:- The OS Firewall Trust level settings were moved one level down in the UI.- We have done extensive testing on the toolbar installation and have not seen it install when unchecked, but we will continue to investigate it.- You cannot change installation destination folder because that is a restriction of Windows 64-bit OS.

~ ZoneAlarm Team

This is my reply

First let me start with the easiest one. I do have Windows 7 64bit and I have been able to change the folder destination on all 23 programs that I have installed on this puter including ZoneAlarm Free. My version of Windows 64bit does not have any restrictions on changing the destination folder, that restriction only occurred when trying to install ZoneAlarm Pro 10.. The Toolbar was installed in all 3 install of the program. I have historical images of my C Drive and it only takes me 15 minutes to restore the drive back to where it was before I do an install. I thought maybe there was a conflict with sp1 so I restored to my last image that did not have sp1, the toolbar again was installed and other problems stayed the same. I restored back to the image that had sp1 and installed the program and the toolbar was installed again and other problems stayed the same. That is 3 install and each time I had the toolbar that I told not to install and all the other problems where the same to each time. As far as the auto learn mode, did someone at ZoneAlarm decide they no longer wanted us to make our own decision and decided they would turn it over to the cloud. Its a firewall, I do not need you, your company or the cloud making these decision on what will and what will not have access to the internet. I should have been asked during install if I wanted the auto learn to be in affect. I am not sure what your talking about with the new network found feature unless what your saying is the program found the LAN port and auto decided that it would be allowed to access the net. Moving the auto update on/off feature to a new location sounds like you have hired someone from MS. They enjoy nothing more then moving things around just to annoy their users. Always have been in preferences should have stayed in preferences. I did not use regedit to make changes to my run folder in my registry, nice try, I used another program to test the OS firewall. You also failed to address why you can no longer maximize the windows making it easier to use and see. You also failed to address why I got no server rights alerts. Was this part of the auto decision making or has it been dropped. I used the free version of ZoneAlarm up to buying ZoneAlarm wireless 5 back in 05. That was a great little program and reinforced my opinion at the time that ZoneAlarm was the best Firewall on the market. Since buying it. it has been all down hill since. When you released Version 6 with OS Firewall, I had to wait for 2 updates until you got one that worked. Version 7 would not even let my system boot. That laptop finally rolled over and die and I waited for the release of Windows 7 before buying a new one. I have been using the free version and trying the trail version of Pro hoping that you where going to get it right. Just when I got ready to buy version 93.014, version 93.037 was released and the nasty new network found problem resurfaced and the systray Z no longer showed internet traffic. My first thought was geez they will never change. Then came the announcement that beta testing of 10 had started. I thought I would wait, being a loyal user I was certain with 10, ZoneAlarm would get it right this time. This is the last time you disappoint. Your reply is another reason. Its built on deny the problem ,shift blame to Windows 64bit and explain that auto learn is so much better then what i can do. This is not my first rodeo. Last night in a live chat with customer support, I told the person I had sp1 and he would not believe me, wanted me to go check just to be sure. I could not believe that until I realized he was going to try to blame the problem on not having sp1. I had to be firm just convince him I was not going to check and that I had sp1. And to clear that part up, I ran the install and tested the program twice with sp1 and once without it sp1. I saw no difference in how anything worked or behaved. In the end I want to state that this release is going to be worst then 6 and 7 combined and will reduce Checkpoint ZoneAlarm to just an after thought in the firewall market.

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