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Zimmerman's biased judge replaced by another judge

This is a hopeful move for Zimmerman to find justice eventually.

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Reporting: Zimmerman's biased judge replaced by another judge
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IF this Judge says...go to trial?

you will be silent?

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What I'd like to see is an apology to him and all charges dismissed, his gun returned to him.

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(NT) I'll take that as a NO.
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Luckily for all of us.... are not a judge, nor would you ever be considered for the jury in this case.

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I have no doubt

they'll do the usual of looking for scatter brained people who can change their minds or morals on a whim or a moment to serve on the jury, it seems to be the standard for juries in trials like this.

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I think the term you're looking for.... "open-minded." Ideally that's the standard on all juries.

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I prefer the term

"vacant minded" where the attorneys can fill them with their own interpretations of right vs wrong.

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"Right" and "wrong" aren't in play here

It's a legal question of whether Zimmerman acted in self-defense. And yes, hopefully the attorneys, the witnesses and the evidence, with help from the judge's instructions, will provide the jurors with the information they need to reach a verdict.

I realize you would prefer a jury that is predetermined to acquit, but fortunately that's not how our system works.

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why do you keep getting it wrong?

Was I not clear enough? I don't think there should be a jury at all, of any sort. I believe he should be immediately released with a profound apology and his gun returned to him. He should then sue that county and Al Sharpton for anything he can.

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I'm not getting it wrong

I stated why you should not be the judge or a jury member on this case. I thought it was clear enough.

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Loud Mouth Woman Arrested in VA Hospital

Going off about the Zimmerman case, shouting. The nutcases just keep popping up out of the woods aren't they? I wonder if change of judge is what got her going? Picture here.
She was born in Manaqua, Nicaragua and been arrested before. Donated to the Hillary Clinton campaign.

A Palm Coast woman apparently angry about the controversial George Zimmerman
murder case faces a federal disorderly conduct charge after authorities
say she began yelling at a patient in a Veterans Affairs clinic lobby.Court
documents state 61-year-old Ninoska A. Pope got into an argument with a
patient at the outpatient clinic on National Health Care Drive in
Daytona Beach.

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RE: Who is she?

What does she do in her bedroom?

Are you searching for that also?

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her tax records made public would be enough, according to Liberal concepts.

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(NT) well, we know where YOUR mind is.
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You're the one doing all the research

When you said

Who is she?

I thought

Who cares?

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So, when.... showed up here, I thought, who cares? Devil

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Re: I thought, who cares?

Before making a decision on "who cares", you surfed the web trying to find where I had a drivers license, my marital status, tax information, you came up empty handed, and the only thing you discovered was....YOU were the only one that cared. I'm devastated.

However I was glad to help you waste some of your valuable time on the internet doing a background check on me.

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I hate to disappoint you

but I've never looked up anything on you, nor attempted to. In fact, the other day I couldn't even remember correctly where you'd claimed previously to be from in Canada, which you corrected.

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So you also forgot you did a background check

That happens as you get older.

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