I wanted to get the MicroPhoto for the longest time and here is what I have to contribute:

Firstly, the battery can only be charged while it is inside the player and the removable battery is so when the horrible fate of the battery completely dying from constant use comes around you'll be able to change it with ease and not have a hole in your wallet.

Secondly, I'm pretty sure you can't pre-record shows with the MicroPhoto and I have no clue if you can listen to music while the player is recording, sorry!

Thirdly, the MicroPhoto is a great player from what I've heard and from what I've seen while playing around with it. The only problem is that the touch strip is way too sensitive which which will take some getting used too.

The verdict: If you really won't be using the colour screen then why pay money for it? If you are planning on getting a Zen, get the Zen Micro instead of the MicroPhoto because it's a lot cheaper but it does suffer from less battery life than the MicroPhoto (Zen Micro: 12 hours playback vs MicroPhoto: 15 hours playback). The Zen Micro also has all the features the Zen MP has so it's a player you should look into.

Hope this helps!