Youtube app on LG smart TV freezes on a loading screen

Youtube app on my LG smart TV keeps freezing on every third - fourth video that im trying to play (just gets stuck on a loading screen), I have to exit the app and then re-enter it to be able to watch videos. My TV and its configuration have nothing to do with it, i tried everything: factory reset, apps reinitialization, nothing works! It worked fine until the latest software update by LG. I contacted LG, they said "it's not us, it's Youtube, so contact Google." Im not the only one who has this problem. Any ideas how to fix it?

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Reporting: Youtube app on LG smart TV freezes on a loading screen
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Clarification Request
Youtube loading issue on LG TV 32LF595B

Youtube loads upto search but freezes on loading and does not play videos on wi-fi. I have checked the internet signal and it is fine. Also all other apps work fine... It was working last week and is not working now....2nd March 2018... Suggest remedy

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LG Not a good brand

If that is all LG can say I guess I will buy a different brand from now on, You Tube worked fine it works on all my other TVs in the house a Sanyo and A samsung it gets stuck "Loading" on the LG so LG Sucks! I will post this on every web page in the world so you lose business or you can fix it

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Same Issue

My LG TV model is 32LF595D. It just stopped working on March 2!

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Same model and same problem as mine. This morning when I turned on LG TV, It update new firmware itself. very short time update. After that Youtube app works. Thanks LG for resolve the problem so fast.

New firmware version is 03.15.21

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The same Youtube loading issue on LG 43LF590T Smart DVB-T2 L

I had the same issue also since 2nd March 2018 on my LG 43LF590T Smart DVB-T2 LED TV. My son really sad on it..

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The answer to our question.
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Works after upgrading WebOs firmware

My youtube also got stuck after march 2018, after several days not watching youtube. I decided to manually upgrade firmware from 3.11.60 to 3.15.21

My model is : LF590T, The link i got from this site:

My location in indonesia, and i used australia site to upgrade my firmware.

Hope your TV's youtube works again...

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Issue Resolved

I just updated to the latest firmware (03.15.21) and YouTube app finally worked! Happy

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Got the update directly and it started working

I just visited this thread again to check if there have been more affected users when I stumbled on this firmware post.

I was just downloading the firmware when the TV notified that the update is ready to be installed. So getting the update directly here in Saudi Arabia and now it works!

Thanks! My mom is extremely happy.

For those having LF590T, immediately update the TV to resolve the issue.

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link to upgrade firmware


Can you give me any link to upgrade the firmware .

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Smart tv LF590T

you can go to your tv. Go to setting, about this tv, general. Click update sotfware version

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thanks, it worked .

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In some countries this is your reason for return.

The product claimed YouTube so you return it as defective. It doesn't matter who has to fix it, back it goes.

As to us fixing it, the TV is a closed source system with little we can control. So there is no known fix short of using some Roku, Fire TV or such box.

If you are so inclined, try the other DNS of or

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I have the same problem with my 32LN575S-ZE.
I have been having this problem for more than an year.
At first I tough it was my router. Bought a new one. The problem persisted.
Placed the router on another place to improve signal, but, the problem persisted.
For a while I didn't gave attention to this issue since I also have a PC connected to the Tv.
This week I decided to analyse the problem.
I came to the conclusion that it's not a internet problem.
It's an Youtube App problem. While playing a video with statistic active, I can see that the buffer is full when it starts to show loading on the screen.
It's on the switch over to the next video, that the problem is located.
Reset the App. No success.
Factory settings of the Tv. No success
Went to Lg site to get a new firmware, but the firmware will only load if it's newer than the one installed.

So, I'm stuck with this problem, like x_johhny_x.
Since He contacted Lg Support an Google, lets hope they fix this.

Best regards

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LG smart tv and youtube

I have an LG 3D cinema that worked fine for several years then last week youtube would not load. After quite a bit of researching and investigating I found out several things about this issue & LG. First back in May of this year I was sent a notice on the LG input list screen that said LG would not support Youtube anymore after June. I went to BestBuy where I bought the set and talked to one of their Geek guys who informed me that smart tvs have a 2-way communication with the manufacturer and that they 'have the right' to limit functionality if they want to by sending firmware updates. He said I could try resetting the tv to factory settings and this may or may not work. If it did I could try to find a way to stop automatic updates of firmware (after resetting) and hope that fixed the problem. Or I could go online and see if anyone has found a workaround for it. I reset the original factory settings and it worked for only one video then wouldnt load youtube anymore and I was unable to locate a way to stop automatic firmware updates. The next thing I did was to thoroughly read the licensing and privacy policies...what an eye opener that was. In the licensing agreement it states Lg can limit functionality or cancel the license agreement for any reason, and Lg's only liability is for the cost of the tv (if they are shown to be negligent). In the privacy agreement it states that Lg does upload from your tv to determine if they like the content you are watching and if they do not they can limit functionality or cancel your license to use it. If you dont like these terms dont agree and dont use the LG smart tv.
My own personal work around is to buy another non smart non Lg tv. I bought the tv for its 3D function that turned out to be a bust. Samsung doesnt make 3D anymore because there is no money in it and there isnt the wide variety of 3D videos that everyone thought would start being produced. So I guess I have to take this one on the chin. our only recourse seems to be informing everyone we know to not buy LG because of this. The furure of television is streaming and LG is a dinosaur right out of the box!

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Social Media is the answer post everywhere NO LG!

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i have the same problem with youtube videos in 4k

I have the same problem in my 55oledc7. I have 100mbps but 4k videos freeze. if you find a solution please reply me. Sorry for my english.

Javier Mojica

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After March firmware upgrade, problem solved.
Better late than never.
Thank you LG.

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smart tv youtube straeming

Same issue
Youtube loads upto search but freezes on loading and does not play videos on wi-fi. I have checked the internet signal and it is fine. Also all other apps work fine... It was working last week and is not working now....2nd March 2018

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YouTube App on Smart TV's

The issue is with changes by YouTube to it's software in early 2018 and most likely not a problem with your Smart TV, other than the TV manufacturers have not kept the firmware up to date for their products. LG is known as one of the best TV's on the market, about the same reputation as Samsung. If your not going to purchase a brand new smart TV every couple years, I would suggest a smart streaming device rather than a smart TV since it's much less expensive to replace your Roku if you have to than replacing the entire tv just to keep your operating system functional and up to date. For example, I purchased several Philips Smart TV's all of which no longer allow me to play YouTube video, and the manufacturer has been unresponsive to requests to correct the issues. I ended up investing in Roku ultra boxes which are updated constantly, and which cost me under a hundred bucks rather than spending at least five times that on new TV's. I'm now looking at more new TV's and LG would be one brand that I'd purchase based on knowing the reputation of the products. Samsung is another brand and also Roku. No, I do not work for any of these companies, I do have experience in using the above products and suggest you Google the products and read consumer reports info on them before you waste money on a brand that won't support their products it honor warrantee like I ran into with all my Philips TV's. Just a tip from someone with tech experience here. Wink

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