Your stupid infected installer

I for one will never use your site again after this.
Your installer is full of malware get rid of the piece of ****.
Even when you go to advanced user and say NO I DO NOT WANT TO INSTALL THIS TOOLBAR the ******* thing goes ahead and installs everything any how browser hijackers malware you name it.

I am now on a mission to inform as many people as I can and try to boycott cnet.


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Reporting: Your stupid infected installer
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I totally agree with you.

Cnet once was the place to download programs without much thought of getting a bad download, not anymore.
The last 3 times I have tried to download software it would try to load malware, toolbars and other junk even though I am very careful to make sure there is nothing checked and should only be downloading the software I have chosen.
I was downloading "Crystal Disk Info 5.6" and ended up having my browser changed to some search garbage and was directed through a proxy to ????.
It wasn't that hard to cleanup, but what is going on with Cnet downloads?
I will not download anything from the Cnet downloads site. it's just a waste of time.

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Thanks for your feedback.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience you encountered, and we have shared your comments with the appropriate site managers.

All products on CNET are downloaded, installed, and scanned for viruses and malware before being published in our library. Likewise, all offers included in the CNET Installer are tested to ensure that they conform with our security policies prohibiting malware.

You do have a couple of options to download without using the CNET Installer - you can either click the "Direct Download Link" for Installer Enabled items, or, if you have a CNET account, you can completely disable the Installer for the whole site.

Read more about those options here:

For more detailed information on the CNET Installer, please visit the following resource:

You should be able to uninstall any offer(s) via your computer's Add/Remove Programs panel, but if for some reason that does not work, you might want to try one of the programs listed in our uninstaller software category:

And instructions for resetting your browser(s), if you need them, are here:

CNET Customer Help

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Thanks Jen.

I just downloaded a software program from Cnet using the instructions from the links you provided. Downloaded and installed with no problem just like the old days.
I saved those links just in case I have any problems in the future.
Thanks Again.

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Not good enough

Thanks Jen. But

- How can you explain the claim that software hosted by CNET is free of spyware, malware, etc and still has exactly that?
- How can you explain, when a bunch of malware still got installed on my computer, even if I click CANCEL to NOT installing them?
- How can you expect us to have to dig out and read all those articles and hope that we can steer clean of those MALWARE?

I feel sad!!...
Please at least remove those IWM TOOLS!

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spoke too soon

I just downlaoded another software program from CNet the way I did before and was very careful, but still have a bunch of junk I didn't ask for!!!!!!
Am done with CNet downloads as it is becoming a total joke.

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Unwanted downloads

I, too, have experienced the above mentioned download problems. Like the above I won't download from your site anymore because of them. I have also read your reply, which I found insipid and condescending. Since CBS has bought you they seem to own your soul. First it ws the favorable treatment of CBS sponsored things and places, then it was your admitted inability to review fairly if CBS had an 'interest' in the product, then it was you inability to fairly compare and test products. Now I get unwanted programs in my downloads. Yes, I CAN delete them...but I should not have to. The problem free service was why I came to CNET in the first place, then the reviews. Now the trust in the reviews is gone and so is the trust in your downloads. You are not the first to sell out and you won't be the last, but in selling out you have lost the people who trusted you and lost your souls.

Peter Boyle
Newport News, VA

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Your installer sucks, and your AV tests fail too..

So I've had to deal with a little outbreak recently, and it was quite a doozy. Evidently, your installer uses a secure tunnel to transfer files into my network - thus bypassing my *very* expensive (FireEye) infrastructure that scans downloads for malware and such, and then when combined with the fact that you permitted my co-workers to download an infected port of WinSCP, well, that just makes my day.

My Palo Alto's detected the command and control signals coming out of the infected users, however, if it wasn't for my other network gear (classified and more expensive than FireEye), then I wouldn't have been able to identify the infection vector.

You REALLY need to not use encrypted channels when they're not necessary, and frankly, in this day and age, adding an installer just complicates things even more. Why do companies seek to add their own "flavor" to what is a PERFECTLY GOOD Microsoft download experience? I mean, really, do you think that your 2 or 3 coders can make better decisions on what an acceptable download experience is than the team of 100 at Microsoft who poured over the original IE download code? What about Google's folks? Chrome handles this stuff perfectly and predictably.

I FEAR for the engineer who has to support his parents over the phone when he finds that his parents used a CNET download and have to remove toolbars and other bloatware from their relatives systems. Please stop trying to make things better by controlling them more - you're not, and what's more, you're making the world a less-safe place by doing it.

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Just made the mistake of downloading from cnet

and my machine got infected by yet another malware. I am going to reconfigure my hosts file to permanently block cnet. It is a source of malware and viruses. I will never download from them no matter what. This last one was by mistake and by GOD I paid dearly for it. Two hours of work to undo the damage even when I told the installer to stop.

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I'm done with Cnet also

. Just today, my antivirus detected two malwares from files I downloaded from Cnet. I used to download everything I needed from your site. Not anymore. I don't even want to try to circumvent the installer or anything. You used to be a trustworthy website for downloading software, and you are not anymore; period!

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