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Yosemite Sucks and This Is Why

Nov 4, 2014 4:16AM PST

For all the hype around Yosemite regards enhanced connectivity and moving forwards into the bigger IT picture it is perhaps time to review if Apple has lost sight of its core customer base.?
Regarding connectivity I personally do not have an iPhone,and if I did I am not sure how much utility making calls from my Mac, and having the conversation broadcast on my computer speakers would be of worth to me. None is my answer !?
Now the graphics - the one colour desktop folders and the dumbed down Dock icons. ! This may well look good to the non visually literate, but really they are at Kindergarten level. They are less intuitive and less recognisable than icons in previous OS iterations such as Mavericks and thus make navigation into modules in the Yosemite IU more tricky. Text Edit for example is much less easy to instantly recognise.?
Oh and did I say that the desktop folders have the choice of one whole gaudy blue colour. Great to have even a tiny choice of this one colour you guys at Apple !!?
So the UI is a FAIL for me.?
Graphics and photography?
This was the traditional customer base for Mac users and Apple may be enlightened to learn that there are still probably millions of Mac owners around the globe where this is the raison d'etre for Mac ownership. This was one of the 3 primary reasons I abandoned IBM / Windows earlier this year and bought a Mac Pro.?
I was happy with Mavericks and all my core graphics software integrated well. Not with Yosemite.
This is a list of unforgivable issues I now have with Yosemite::
Lightroom Vs 5.x cannot effectively print. The printer drivers for my Epson pro 3880 printer will not integrate into Lightroom (they did in Mavericks) and so I cannot print. The fixes (updating the latest Epson printer drivers into the OS) did NOT work.?
DXO Optics Pro no longer integrates into Lightroom.?
DXO Optics Pro Vs 9.5.2 does not load. The designated fixes (deleting then reinstalling this version of DXO) do not work. I had to spend 69 USD to upgrade to DXO Vs 10. This now loads and what is more it opens the full functionality of my printer. Yippee - I can print my photographs again (luxury). ?
Lightroom still cannot do this and I see NO fixes for this right now. But at least I have a work around. ?
Apple might argue that we do no longer need to use our native software and could just use Cloud based processing. But I have a medium format digital camera, process up to 100 raw files a day each file being 50-65 mb. Up and downloading this amount of data has costs.?
A lot of data. A lot of cost. And an outrageous carbon footprint.?
So this is a message to Apple
1) Some of your users are photographers and graphic designers?
2) Some of your users like to work with their own in house software?
3) Some of your users like to print documents and photographs for their clients (or themselves)?
4) Some of your users do not have unlimited budgets for data use?
5) Some of your users do not like dumbed down icons?
6) Some of your users like to configure their UI, at least to a small extent?
7) Some of their customers are professional photographers with big cameras and high workloads?
If Apple ignores a core traditional customer sector they will lose them. That market is far from dead. That market will find a platform that supports their needs. I sense that Apple is in danger of losing its main point of difference and will become more Microsoft like. The days of mainstream computing choice may soon be gone
I was disallowed by Apple to publish this on its official customer blog site

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Aren't Drivers
Nov 4, 2014 4:34AM PST

supplied by the manufacturer of those devices and not Apple ?


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Supplied by the manufacturer of those devices and not Apple
Nov 4, 2014 2:33PM PST

Supplied by manufacturers of the devices (or software) but where is the spirit of integration ??

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I don't see the problem here
Nov 4, 2014 2:41PM PST

If I build a new printer and sell it, is Apple obligated to supply the driver for it ?


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One wonders if you went to the Epson site,
Nov 4, 2014 8:30AM PST

Drivers and Support section, looked at the recommended Yosemite Page and, from there, chose the Yosemite driver for whichever one of the four versions of the Epson pro 3880 you possess and which are available there.

Could it be that some of your other problems could be cured in this way? Just asking.


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Choose the Yosemite driver
Nov 4, 2014 2:40PM PST

I chose the driver from Epson that was designed for Yosemite. The driver worked in Apple written software but not in Lightroom. You could argue that is no fault of Apple.

But my contention is this. Apple historically built computers for graphic and creative applications and it may be (I have little history with Macs) that in the past Apple and the likes of Adobe worked closely to maximise integration of operating systems and applications so that the industry was not left in the lurch. If I am correct that this was once so but now NOT a priority of Apple then my contentions stand. I

s it that Apple is now more interested in the massive iPhone and mobile market and has de-prioritised the arts and graphics creative industries??

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Nov 4, 2014 2:43PM PST

Perhaps the discontinuation of Aperture was another canary in this particular coal mine (??)

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I stand corrected
Nov 5, 2014 2:07PM PST

Some of my gripes about the UI of Yosemite I will stick to. I have always had difficulties with printing from Lightroom and the Epson driver UI is largely to blame for my problems as it is not easy or intuitive to use.

Perhaps too I am to blame.
I had indeed got the Epson driver all along but could not configure it to output in any kind of WIZYWIG way.

I guess this is an ongoing problem in IT. The universe of operating systems and software has I think just become too complex. It is diminishing returns on work put in.
So I will have to eat my words about Apple and Yosemite. its the nature of the IT beast

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Yosemite is awful
Nov 20, 2014 9:26AM PST

From the new flat UI and dock background to some changes in functionality of the traffic light folder buttons, Yosemite seems like a step backward than forward, at least I think so.

I don't own an iPhone and don't need the extra integration features. This OS X Yosemite looks like it was designed by someone in Kindergarten.

I purposely went to my local Future Shop (I live in Canada) and made sure the MacBook Pro I'd be purchasing came with Mavericks installed. I was going to order online from the Apple site and customize my Mac, but that would mean It'd come with Yosemite installed. Ewwwwww....... I sacrificed an extra 8GB of RAM (which I don't really need anyway) in order to keep Mavericks since Future Shop didn't have a Mac with my exact desired specs.

I love my MacBook Pro just the way it is. I'm going to wait and see if future OS X versions will be any better, in my opinion, than Yosemite or even Mavericks.

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(NT) To each, his own.
Nov 20, 2014 9:04PM PST
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(NT) agreed
Nov 21, 2014 5:18AM PST
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The Beauty is Gone with Yosemite
Nov 22, 2014 5:03PM PST

Thanks for Yosemite that makes Mavericks shine in all its splendor. For me, Mavericks is my last stop.

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Thanks Guys
Nov 22, 2014 6:59PM PST

I have read this thread as I was considering upgrading to Yosemite. When Mavericks first came out I jumped in too soon and caught the teething problems. It looks as if this new os suffers from similar problems. I think I will wait until it has settled down.

I actually do not like the direction Apple is going. I travel a lot and often there is no adequate internet connection available at an affordable price, so cloud computing is not a serious option. I need the software and data on the hard disc. I also prefer other smart phones to the one offered by Apple and synchronising between the two is becoming ever more difficult.

I still like the Apple os, but I am no longer in love with it!! I agree that the eggheads at Apple seem to have lost sght of their traditional customers and are shooting for ever closer integration between their own products.

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Yosemite UI is a step in the wrong direction
Dec 8, 2014 4:40PM PST

I have used Yosemite for two weeks now and I really regret installing it. I think that the new interface is distracting compared to Mavericks. I have to concentrate much more in order to find what I want on the screen. During Christmas I think I will reinstall Mavericks but first I have to find out if it is possible without loosing data.

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Same thing
Dec 13, 2014 2:00AM PST

I also don't like the new interface much. i like what they tried to do with the whole iOS 8 thing but they failed at it, they removed all the like pizazz from the desktop. I don't like them changing around so many things but those are things that you get used to, that's fine.
I really don't like them removing so many features here and there. Let's hide this menu, let's remove this from System Preferences, let's hide this and that, cause the average user doesn't need them.
I hate the compatibility. I use many older apps because in some ways they're much better than the newer versions, and now I get messages here and there saying that this app is too old to run on my computer and I need the newer version.
This is not a professional operating system, and i know it wasn't exactly meant to be but i mean this is just, annoying, stuff that people shouldn't have to worry about.

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I Really Hate Yosemite and Damn Apple for Breaking my Apps
Dec 18, 2014 4:53PM PST

Once again, Apple has sc***ed us all by breaking too many legacy apps. It wasn't enough for them that they failed to support the Carbon Library in Mavericks? They now've broken pretty much every other app I own. I swear to God, I'm almost at the point of switching to Microsloth.

I hate you, Apple. I hate you with a passion. Two or three passions, actually. Thanks so much for your lack of consideration.

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No, Really, Tell us how you really feel!
Dec 18, 2014 8:36PM PST

You must have had some truly old apps for most of them to have been broken.

Your rant would have been much more believable had you included a list of examples of the broken software


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Re: switching
Dec 18, 2014 9:38PM PST

Why not switch to Linux? There are so many distributions, you might be able to find one you really like!


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THNK U PigglesZ
Jan 18, 2015 3:36PM PST

Finally I don't feel alone in my ANGST over how f'in crappy Yosemite proves to be. Safari crashes, Skype crashes, Adobe CC will not install (which I NEED to work every day) and navigating between things is more frustrating, in general. In other words, everything that I have come to adore about Apple is less b/c of Yosemite. Yet I am not too keen to have to back up everything, create a boot disc and wipe everything to reinstall Mavericks.

Before considering that, has anyone else had major issues with Adobe Creative Cloud desktop app? It worked fine until Jan and now no matter how I try, it won't install, even when I followed a suggestion on the Adobe forum to update Java. Without CC desktop app I can't open Bridge for CC, and can't access my CC library directly. Any suggestions?

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iphoto to photos
Aug 23, 2015 5:59PM PDT

this my seem like a small item but it can be a biggie if you are searching photos all day as part of your job on your cruddy new os x yosemite with the new photos app!!
Why can I NOT change the viewing background to black?
I spoke with an apple genius and it was explained that this has been done to make the viewing of photos similar between ipads, iPhones and iMacs. Just because they messed up on previous devices doesn't mean we have to mess up the others just of for the sake of uniformity. No ifs ands or buts, the background for viewing photos should be black. I explained to the genius that the eye shouldn't be competing with a bright white light surrounding the images you're trying to focus on. he did not agree. He's not an artist. please comment.
thank you

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