YO!.....Donald!....Cool your jets

Dec 4, 2016 9:28AM PST
Obama Politely Asks Trump to Wait Until Inauguration Before Destroying World

WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—In an Oval Office meeting that White House aides described as “friendly but strained,” President Obama politely asked President-elect Donald Trump to wait until he is officially sworn in to begin destroying the world.

According to the aides, Obama said that, while he understood that Trump was eager to create potentially cataclysmic diplomatic crises around the world, tradition dictated that he wait until he is actually President to do so.

Obama cited the example of George W. Bush, who waited until he took the oath of office before wreaking destruction on a massive scale.

“There’ll be loads of time for you to do stuff like that,” Obama reportedly said.

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Reporting: YO!.....Donald!....Cool your jets
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Dec 4, 2016 9:42AM PST
'Putting lipstick on a pig': experts on why Obama is lending Donald Trump a hand

“He’s doing his best to put lipstick on a pig,” said Neil Sroka, spokesman for the liberal group Democracy for America. “He has a constitutional obligation to ensure there is a swift and easy transfer of power but, when he leaves office, I hope to see him do more to call out the bigoted and hateful elements of Trump’s agenda.”

It is hard to imagine anyone more different from the cerebral, discreet “no drama” Obama, 55, than the blowhard, rabble-rousing 70-year-old Trump, who pushed the notion that the president was actually born in Kenya. During the election campaign they made little secret of their mutual contempt. Obama described Trump as “unfit” and “woefully unprepared”, warning that if he were to win all the progress of the past eight years “goes down the drain”.

Days later he was welcoming the New York billionaire to the Oval Office for a meeting that lasted 90 minutes. How every journalist, historian and comedian in the country yearned to be a fly on that wall. “Can you imagine?” asked the late-night TV host Stephen Colbert. “Just put yourself in that room, that private room, when they were together.

“Can you imagine? Awkward! The first African American president sitting down with a president-elect who was endorsed by the [Ku Klux] Klan, a guy who spent five years – created his political career – demanding Obama prove where he was born, then denying he did it. What did they talk about?”
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How quickly BO et al forget
Dec 4, 2016 12:41PM PST

BO's policies are the ones that have actually blown up the world.....and hilLIARy was ALSO endorsed by the KKK but heaven forbid any liberal should mention that fact.

It must have been pretty humbling for BO to have to 'beg' Trump to not erase his legacy of mass destruction......poor baby. His ego is crumbling along with other liberals to the point that they are blaming Comey for her downfall....all they have to do is look in the mirror when it comes to being out of touch with the people and what they wanted and needed.

Two elections for BO....fool me once, shame on you....fool me twice, shame on me.....the people refused to be fooled again by people who believed that the only qualification hilLIARy needed was because it was 'her time' and 'I'm a woman and isn't it time for a woman to be president'. This is NOT a president who 'politely asks' anybody for anything....he's a bully and a bulldozer that trashes everything he touches without a backward glance at the people who are affected by his decisions and EO's.

Do you think he'll pardon Bergdahl? I can't imagine why he would since that whole family made a fool of him publicly and soldiers lost their lives looking for him (for which BO has never acknowledged), but this is a guy who believes always that what he does is the 'right thing to do'. He gave Bergdahl a hero's welcome, and gave the soldiers who died the back of his hand. The military and how he's treated them in 8 years will never forget or forgive.

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RE:How quickly BO et al forget
Dec 5, 2016 8:31PM PST

They have Alz?...there's a lot of that going around now,

I heard TheRUMP couldn't recall some things HE said....In fact I think it was you that told me that.

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borowitz never fails to bore me
Dec 5, 2016 11:14AM PST

Ho hum, another attempt by borowitz at humor.

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