Don't bother clearing a spot on your mantelpiece for the Nobel Peace Prize just yet.

Talks are off....

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He did it because Kim's communications

are full of "tremendous anger and open hostility".
It appeared on the link #angrythumbs.

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RE: angry thumbs
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Someone put that together?

Must be some half-crazed, kneejerk, leftie, irrational Trump hater who ...
Sorry. Nothing personal.

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RE:Someone put that together?

It appears so...

What I found unusual was all those people deciding to put their thumbs up at the same time...almost like they were a bunch of "posers"....just following orders?

Look Ma...we've all pulled our thumb out?

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Liberals/Dems are the only ones

who questioned if he would get one, JP.....even Van Jones suggested yesterday that Trump should get it if the talks/negotiations went well. At least he got the three prisoners released....that's more than BO ever did to get HIS prize a few months into the Oval Office. And he preceded to turn the entire world into chaos immediately afterward.

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RE: At least he got the three prisoners released

Two of whom were TAKEN on HIS he was mostly (66%..2 of 3) cleaning up HIS mess?

On 2 May 2018, President Donald Trump posted a message to the social media platform Twitter in which he claimed that the previous administration of President Barack Obama was unable to secure the release of three American hostages held in North Korea:

It's impossible to secure the release of 3 prisoners when there was ONLY 1 prisoner...does TheRUMP take responsibility for 2 prisoners being taken on HIS watch?

RE:should get it if the talks/negotiations went well.

Well they didn' don't dust off the mantelpiece just yet....

Don't you think IF any Nobel Prize is awarded BOTH parties should get one?...Both sides have it only makes sense.

What nuclear sites has TheRUMP blown up to advance denuclearization?

NK 1

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one was taken during BO's term, one was taken almost immediately after Trump took office, and the third was taken in March 2017....BUT ALL WERE BROUGHT BACK ALIVE AND GRATEFUL....

Can't say the same for Otto.....with BO not even trying to get him back. He was taken on BO's watch and brought back by Trump also. "Their release was in a striking contrast to Otto F. Warmbier, the University of Virginia student who was returned home in June after spending 17 months in captivity in Pyongyang, much of it in a coma. He never regained consciousness and died days later."

This only goes to prove how ruthless NOKO's leader is and why Trump shouldn't even consider 'blowing up anything we have' just to get a deal. As for sharing the prize.....Did Yassar share HIS with Clinton? Who exactly should BO have shared HIS with since he had done NOTHING to deserve it? Perhaps you think he got his six years ahead of time because of the phony Iran deal? Do you think the prize deciders knew that far in advance that he was worthy? Should BO have shared his with the Aytolla?

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RE: This only goes to prove how ruthless NOKO's leader is
This only goes to prove how ruthless NOKO's leader is and why Trump shouldn't even consider 'blowing up anything we have'

I hope that includes any munitions the US has and using them against innocent civilians....You know, people in slave labour camps in North Korea....2 people with super egos and nuclear buttons each claiming to have the bigger button...

RE:Can't say the same for Otto.....with BO not even trying to get him back.

Because he wasn't released under his watch YOU know he didn't try?


They would have been MORE grateful IF they weren't captured.....

They would never had been captured IF NK had the nuclear bomb years ago...once they got the bomb...they didn't need prisoners....They wanted attention....NOW they have the attention of the world....

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Only incredibly naive people

especially US citizens, keep traveling to countries that hate us....

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REOnly incredibly naive people
Only incredibly naive people especially US citizens, keep traveling to countries that hate us.


Only incredibly naive people especially US citizens, talk to leaders of countries that hate us.

TheRUMP be naive?
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I thought you were talking about

Dennis Rodman.....

Was BO naïve when he talked to the Ayatolla to make the deal of the century?

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(NT) Trump hasn't actually TALKED to Kim....
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And he never will

unless he learns to speak Korean.

OR maybe Dennis could do the negotiating.

Trumpslation: why Donald Trump’s words give translators so much trouble

Trump might be interested to know that some Russian translators reportedly alter his language “so he sounds actually kind of more like Putin than he sounds like Trump”.

He could also be made to sound like "Little Rocket Man" IF they ever have a sitdown...

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Even if there was a summit what we would have is 2 bser's slinging it across the table.

Both prone to changing their mind in a hour or a day.

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At least Trump isn't afraid to change his mind

and walk away from a bad deal rather than stand firm and make ANY deal, even to the detriment of the USA, for his own personal legacy (BO/Iran) and he makes no 'red line' threats he's not willing to carry out (BO/Syria) and he isn't falsely invading a country to depose leaders so his buddies the Muslim Brotherhood can take over and then have it all backfire in his face (BO/Libya) (we didn't invade Egypt but backed the deposing of THEIR leader for the sake of the MB as well) and Trump isn't inviting M-13 gang members to the WH while BO invited numerous thugs into it (BLM/MB/Black Panthers/Sharpton).

You make blanket statements about Trump that are derogatory, but refuse to acknowledge that the prior resident DELIBERATELY caused more damage than you can even imagine that Trump could do by ACCIDENT, Bob. Name one thing Trump has done to date that has actually hurt the USA and its citizens.

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RE:At least Trump isn't afraid to change his mind


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BO is not the prez

What has the child done?
Let's see .....he signed Ryan's tax cut for the wealthy.

He's shown congress and world leaders that you can't believe a thing he says or does.

He brought in staff that think they have a blank check of taxpayer money.

He's got a spat going with something like 5 countries.

He changes his mind so often that even his own staff does not know what direction he's going.

Management by chaos seems to be how the WH is run.

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Those are OPINIONS of yours, but not FACTS, Bob

Name ONE thing that he's done that's actually hurt/harmed our country? FACTS of your OPINIONS are showing otherwise......

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I listed a few things he's done.
Do you dispute these things?
Time will tell the impact on the country.

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NONE of your 'things' have been proven/shown

to harm the USA in ANY fashion, except in liberal minds, Bob. Bring FACTS to the table.

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I don't know anything about liberal minds.

I just pointed out some of the things the child has done.

Since it was not glowingly positive for the child you jumped on liberal.

It's kind of like the same way you drag BO off your grudge list and inject that into a thread.

BO and liberals are your fall back positions.

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You just don't it when I'm able to compare the two

and BO comes out on the losing end of that stick, Bob. I'm able to PROVE the destruction he caused over 8 years, and you can't prove anything you ASSUME about Trump just because you don't think it's presidential to tweet.

You don't have to like what he only have to look at what he DOES and the RESULTS to see it's been good for the country. The exact opposite was true of BO.....he talked presidential and screwed the country over every chance he got or took by force when he couldn't get a vote.

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I don't give a hoot about BO

Or Ford/Carter/Nixon.... BO is not the prez.

The child can tweet his brains out for all I care.

When he tweets it's the same as when he talks.

He just makes up stuff.

What has he done that's been good for the country?

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