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The opposite of "backed down" is NOT "backed up"

Reporter asked him if he "backed down" on citizenship question on census.

His response...."NO..... he backed up".

Someone told him what to do and he listened?

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Reporting: YO!!!!!!.......DJT
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Best I could find of a "back up"
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What startled that *****?

Afraid of being grabbed by DJT?

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Or deported.
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That ***** was white......

not on HIS radar

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No problem.

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Proffitt: "I got a million of 'em."
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You got a million of 'em
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(NT) Vacuum cleaners, I'm guessing.
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If every country had a leader whose worst

failing was a vague grasp of his own language ...

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Bush 43 was worse.

As the press reminded us often.
Rarely mentioned was his successful fight against immoderate drinking.
A fight lost often by reporters after the presses start.

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that's right

I read a rather lengthy article once on Bush 43's "rehab" - lots of things I was not aware of, at the time. If I recall correctly Laura sort of gave him an ultimatum - you either clean up and fly straight or me and the kids are outta here. It worked - and with a lot of support from his side of the family and of course Laura he got clean and sober tout suit. He also "got religion" or rather got it back, at the same time. A success story, for the ages, I reckon. I wasn't exactly fond of him when he was President, though i reckon I respected him and the office nonetheless - far more than I do for the current holder of that office - but you knew that already, right? :^)

Rick " functioning as the devil's advocate, sometimes, just cuz it's fun! " Jones

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Various stories credit wife and/or religion.

Doesn't matter. He did it.

Did the wife issue an executive order? Happy

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Thanks for the LOL !

Priceless, like all good comedy.

Thanks again, in this day and age a good belly-laugh is hard to come by...


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The two phrases can be equivalent.

English and its idioms aren't that precise. Blessing/curse.
Trump was clearly wrong. See my first reply.

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The Don the guy that knows better than everyone else?
That would be a first.

The objective has been accomplished.
I suspect more than a few non-citizens won't touch that census.

Which is kind of a shame since it's supposed to be a head count.

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I worked in both main counts in summer 2010.

More than a few is correct. Sad
The country and its civil servants and its corporate census customers and its Presidents will be stuck with the inaccurate tally for ten years.

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DEMS don't want a true 'head count'

to be made public....The Constitution is pretty clear on that topic. No matter how large or small your State is, you can only have two SENATE seats....BUT if you fill your constituency with hundreds of thousands of illegals who only show up in SCHOOL and LOCAL tallies, you not only get millions more in Federal funding PER DISTRICT, you can INCREASE the number of HOUSE seats and PACK that half of Congress and keep control.

Politicians on both sides have been using the talking point of there 'only' being 11M illegals in this country for nearly 20 years.....there are actually between 20-28M now....and they are draining the funding more and more every day, CAUSING the deficits on Federal, State, and Local budgets to increase every year, which is why when the Feds LOWER taxes on the American taxpayer, State and Local governments automatically INCREASE theirs to keep accommodating their social agendas.

CA is losing people every day because of high taxes....They are deliberately heading to RED States to fill their pockets with lower taxes there BUT taking their social agendas with them in the hopes that eventually they will be able to turn those States blue. The same thing actually happened in my community in 2000....I was running for a seat on our Supervisors Board here (we have five who run our local government rather than a mayor), and I was fighting against a new zoning ordinance they wanted to impose. We had never had one in over 200 years and didn't believe zoning would be a good thing here because it would pit neighbor against neighbor and drive businesses out (I was right on both counts as it turned out). At one of our primary debates at the highschool, a woman in the audience stood to make a statement and she was going on and on about how she came from a city in NC and had been instrumental in getting zoning implemented there and it was a good thing. I saw people around her nodding in agreement because her words were so eloquent and convincing to these happy 'hillbillies' I lived with, and that changed quickly when I asked her flat out "If it was such a good thing, why did YOU move away and come to a town that didn't have such a thing? And why are YOU pushing for it here?" Obviously, I wasn't elected, but a 'good ole boy' politics as usual here has continued to prevail in this, until recently (Trump), predominately Dem controlled town where the belief has been (for those in power) that they NEED to control all aspects because the PEOPLE are too stupid to know what's good for them.

It's THAT superiority attitude that has been defeating the Dems slowly but surely for a number of years now....and will continue to beat them as they are now eating their own by the VERY millennials THEY brainwashed over the years, convincing them that they are ENTITLED to anything their hearts desire and not have to WORK for it except as underlings to do the bidding of their SUPERIORS (Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, et al). Now those same superiors (established elites) are facing the ultimate pushback from the crazies THEY created.

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Are not the ones blocking a true head count.

That seems to be the Don and his citizen question.

Now we have the maybe ICE raids Sunday.

I can understand why you were not elected.
I do not think we should have people in this country illegally.
Congress has a job to do to get this asylum stuff sorted.
ICE has a massive job to do to clean out the mess.
Congressional left wing looney's.... forget it they won't get my vote.

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Your first two sentence

don't make even a little bit of logical sense.....Who exactly do you believe IS blocking a true head count since the DEMS are the ones filing all the lawsuits to stop it?

So you don't agree with the people being ones in control of their own business....professional and personal? What part of "I was proven right" didn't you comprehend? Neighbors, with a zoning ordinance, have to get PERMISSION from their neighbors to mind their properties and have to fight in court to battle a neighbor they've known all their lives in order to cut down a tree or put up a shed....that's pitting neighbor against neighbor and creating divide when there never was any before. Neighbors used to help each other actually build that shed or they pretty much don't even talk to each other or check on each other's welfare anymore. Taxes have gone crazy here to make up for lost revenue from businesses that have left the area and we have more properties boarded up now than ever before...most left immediately after the zoning ordinance went into effect.
But YOU can understand why I didn't get elected....YOU know nothing about how things work in a small community where they have been controlled by DEMS only looking for their own power agendas for 50 years now. You can't even get an occasional job here unless you 'know somebody' doesn't matter if you are qualified for it, the job goes to a friend of a friend or a relative of somebody 'powerful' here. Slowly but surely things are changing and much of that change had started with the Tea Party and has gotten stronger since Trump won. Our personal and real properties are no longer overrated in tax assessments and are becoming more realistic so fewer are going up on the auction blocks for back taxes....which many seniors were losing....where powerful and wealthy 'influencers' here would buy on the cheap and add lands that connected to their 2000+ acreage making them even more influential and powerful. THEY get the farm credits, while seniors with 40 or so acres and unable to farm them anymore are paying the full monte and watching them be auctioned off because their fixed incomes can't cover the large tax increases they've seen.

Congress (both sides, but more so the DEMS now) are absolutely refusing to fix illegal immigration loopholes because they continue to see illegals as their way to keep power....even if they can't vote immediately, it will get pushed until it happens, and in the meantime, they get to increase the number of House seats per State. And if they have their way, ICE won't be able to get to those illegals as the DEMS are now instructing them outright how to ignore our laws of deportation that JUDGES have issued for them.

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The dem suits

Are over the citizenship question on the census.
That question would have killed a true head count.
The Don caved but the damage is done.
We won't get a true head count.

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You're wrong

IF the DEMS are right in that many illegals or non-citizens wouldn't have answered the question anyhow 'out of fear' (fabricated/manufactured lie), the head count would have been wrong by millions....which is why BO stopped it in the first place.

BUT, by going with the ACTUAL data from the various agencies....IRS, Education, Social Security, et al, a REAL and ACCURATE number can be tallied when compared with what each individual STATE reports when trying to get Federal Funding for THEIR various agencies AND for when they attempt to redistrict based on THEIR numbers within their State and possibly ADD to the House seats.

How do you figure Trump caved when he was able to find a way to get what he wanted without having to go back to the court system that would have held up the census? SCOTUS never said what he wanted was unconstitutional...Roberts ONLY said that the reason given wasn't adequate enough.

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The Don is on a quest

To get more repubs into the house.

His first try was the census question which was a flop.

Actually it might be quite effective, flop or not, when coupled with the ICE raids.

Now he has moved on to fed agency's to collect data.

Many non-citizens will not fill out that census....mission accomplished.

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Boy, you can't make up your mind, can you?

First you say the census was a flop for him, and now you say in the same post that even though the citizen question isn't on the census, many won't fill it out. How is that 'mission accomplished' in your eyes? The argument that Dems had when they filed their lawsuits was that if the question WAS on the form, they wouldn't fill it out. Are you now saying that they STILL won't fill it out? Are you saying that they wouldn't have filled it out in EITHER case? If so, then ALL of your arguments are 'fake news' and lies again.

Of COURSE the Reps want to get the House back....the DEMS want to KEEP it and ADD to the total NUMBER of members they can have by INCREASING the POPULATION numbers in districts in their states so they can have more than the total number that the House has now. THAT is the difference between what the Reps want and what the Dem's goal really is.

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The mission was

To get as many non-citizens as possible to not fill out the census.
To get repub control of the house.

He starts out with the lip flapping about illegals then he moves on to the census question....which the dems killed.... and now to ICE raids which I suspect there will be more of before the census hits the mail.

I would think that more than a few non-citizens will have second thoughts about filling out a federal form.

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You are so bass-ackwards

it's ridiculous.....the mission of the DEMS was to make sure non-citizens didn't answer so that ILLEGALS wouldn't be found out because the goal of the DEMS was to ONLY have the STATE know the accurate number for their STATE of how many are here so they can increase the number of SEATS in the HOUSE total per STATE that they can have. Because the SENATE has a fixed number of 100 (2 per State ONLY no matter how big or small and no matter WHAT the population number is per State), they have to WIN ELECTIONS to take over the Senate....the HOUSE is a totally different horse. There can be a LEGAL increase in the House TOTAL because you can INCREASE the number of seats per State based SOLELY on POPULATION and ADD districts (which ADDS another House member) to the total.

There are 435 Representatives (i.e. the House of Representatives) and 100 Senators (i.e. in the Senate). The members of the House of Representatives serve two-year terms representing the people of a single constituency, known as a "district".

Increase the number of DISTRICTS per State and you get to increase the number of House Representatives you are 'entitled' to have. Increase enough districts in a liberal State and you can take over the House almost on a permanent basis.

BUT, the ONLY way to do that is to increase the recorded POPULATION.....and they use the STATE numbers (NOT the FEDERAL numbers) to do that, which is why they did NOT want that question on that Federal form. The STATES keep their own records of who resides using SCHOOL and WELFARE and PAYROLL records to do that....and they do their own redistricting based on THOSE numbers.

Trump has now implemented HIS agencies to gather all THAT data that STATES have to provide each one in order to get Federal funding and start adding it all up. And THAT will be the best way to get the ACCURATE count finally.

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You make it sound so easy/basic...I'm amazed that the best people that DJT was going to appoint didn't figure it out.

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Actually, since YOU brought it up

Using the Federal agencies to get that data WAS offered as a suggested way by the head of the Commerce Dept a year ago....Trump wanted to try going through Congress the proper way things normally get done first. They refuse to work with him on anything and instead filed lawsuits as usual to stop him, so he's doing it now.

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Dem mission

If that was the mission why not just leave the question on the census?

Whatever the case the Don won't get any info from the census he killed it.

Now we wait to see if the fed agency's can make any sense out of it.

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"why not leave it"?

Because haven't you noticed that ANYTHING they have been FOR before under previous presidents they ABDOLUTELY have to be AGAINST when it comes to Trump? It doesn't matter to them one whit WHAT it is, if Trump wants it, it has to be fought.

It's THAT simple, Bob...…..NO wins for Trump.....and it's ALL they've got.

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Sounds like the past

If BO wants it the answer is NO.

Sound familiar?

If the repubs do it that's ok but if the dems do it you carp.

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