try using it for a little while. select "within this forum" and not all cnet forums. come back after some reading, and you must share a ton more info. if you don't know what you need to share, then you haven' read enough.

most speakers can handle any affordable receiver. its usually the othr way around, receivers choke with certain speakers. if anything, speakers get damaged due to clipping, etc, because the amp is choking out.

bluray is starting to get affordable. panasonic is at $300 free shipping, magnavox and funai are both below that, sony will drop to 300 next month, and if you jump thru some hoops, you can get a LG dual for bout 250.

Current tv's, and its been this way for a while, are way ahead of the source material. the only thing that really gets to use the potential of the tv is bluray. Perhaps OTA-HD is pretty good. sat and cable dont even come close, IMO. nor do dvd's.