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Y'all can add this to your ongoing

May 28, 2019 10:06PM PDT

Russia/FBI/Trump discussion, wherever it is.

I don't know Politico, but the few of their stories I've read seem fair and honest.
I remember the Miller case and the honey trap, but this has much more about it. Very interesting.

Notice Svetlana's alleged question, Are there two FBIs? One takeaway from that is that Trump could ask the same question some day.

DNR me, just offered FYI.
BTW I'm told by an ex-Marine intelligence person that various US agencies keep open folders on us. Neat! Happy
My neighbprs Boris and Natasha got a kick out of it.

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I got a kick out of something too
May 29, 2019 2:38AM PDT

I know this strays from the topic but your line DNR me,... could have at least two meanings. In a hospital, it could mean "Do Not Resuscitate". In some of today's odd grammar, it could mean "Do Not Reply (to) me. Often I see someone ask in these forums to "suggest me... (something)"...such as "Suggest me a good laptop". They've left off the "to" that defines the object. So, are you a good laptop or are you looking for one? I know the answer but the wonky grammar tends to distract from the request.

In any event, I've tried to avoid letting individual news articles shape my opinions as I feel that this Trump stuff has gone way over the top. Personally, I feel he was elected and deserves a chance to sink or swim by his own kicks and arm strokes. I realize many folks think the election process we have is faulty and tarnished but I've also begun to understand a little bit more about what went into the thinking of the folks who set things up this way. They were close enough to their own histories to know what needed to be changed. There's a big difference in the type of rules needed for a group that's more homogeneous than we have it today.

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As a matter of fact, I saw the grammar,
May 29, 2019 7:49AM PDT

but left it in.
First, it was headline style, which is useful for asides.
Second, it's always "reply" on SE.
(I once worked as an installer of the Help I've Fallen devices. Some of those people had the other DNR notices posted in the house.)

Ninth and lastly, YOU DISOBEYED!!! Happy

I have a friend who got upset when he heard an Irishwoman use "me" that way on TV. Don't know why; it's common Celtic English. Not here, though.

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"Make me an omelet."
May 29, 2019 7:52AM PDT

"OK. Zap! You're an omelet."

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I didn't take away so much about the election
May 29, 2019 8:01AM PDT

process as I did about the process of interfering with elections at all, and defending against interference.
Also it explained Schiff's attitude years later. He's had two significant dealings with the Russian government as two kinds of government employee. IMO that makes his opinions worthy of more consideration than usual.

Speaking of celebrities, the former US attorney for the Denver District (incl. NM) was the Navy lawyer whose story was loosely adapted for the Tom Cruise film. ("You can't handle the truth!") He was one of many dumped by Trump during the transition.

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