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Yahoo Small Business Websites Suddenly Shut Down

Dec 3, 2013 5:39AM PST

Yahoo Small Business web-hosting has suddenly shut down countless websites and business email accounts beginning Sunday, December 1, coincidentally the day after Shop Small Saturday.

This came with no warning from what Yahoo customers are reporting. From reading numerous posts on the Yahoo Small Facebook page, business owners, IT departments and others are left with no way to contact Yahoo Small Business. The phone numbers provided have recorded messages with instructions that customers should hang up and send them an email,, or that the number is out of service, or that the office is closed.

Yahoo has not been forthcoming with any information as the shut down enters its third day, paralyzing many small businesses.

CNET - please investigate and help get us some answers!!!

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Re: Yahoo Small Business
Dec 3, 2013 9:20AM PST


I'm presuming "Denice Shuty" at Facebook's Yahoo Small Business is you. If not, you may still find the below of interest.

Did (or do) you have a AT&T Yahoo Small Business account? IF so... see what Ryan Karcher wrote today at 10:14 AM PST under the heading "Deactivated AT&T Yahoo Small Business accounts".

I'm not going to copy all of what he wrote, but he starts with the following:

'AT&T Yahoo Small Business accounts became Yahoo Small Business accounts on August 6, 2013. To move these services and to keep them active, AT&T Yahoo Small Business account owners were required to accept a new Terms of Service and Privacy Policy before September 30, 2013, with an extension later given to complete these actions by November 22, 2013. Account owners using AT&T's Billing Telephone Number (BTN) account payment option were also required to update their account payment method to a valid credit card or PayPal account by November 22, 2013. ...

In closing he writes:

If you're an AT&T Yahoo Small Business account owner whose account was closed and you'd like to reactivate your services, please contact us at 408-916-2149 and our Customer Support team will walk you through reactivating your services. Please note: After reactivating your services, your website files and emails may not be able to be restored.'

You should be able to read it in its entirety by going to Facebook link above. I realize I'm taking a lot for granted. But it does seem like a plausible explanation.

Another option might be to post at Yahoo Small Business Advisor.

The best course of action would be contacting Customer Support by phone. I think it's going to take some perseverance, as they're extremely difficult to get in touch with. (From what I read and first-hand experience)

Best of luck....

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Regarding your post mentioning me
Dec 5, 2013 11:01PM PST


I am the Ryan Karcher cited above. I am NOT affiliated with Yahoo. I posted the info to facebook that Yahoo posted to Small Business Status just to point out the scam they were running. It was supposedly posted on 12/2, but I monitored that site all day Monday and that info was not present. The following day they posted that with a back date of 12/2. No one that I know of received the letters they are claiming went out, and those that apparently did and followed the instructions lost their domains anyway. Our company is now on day 6 of no web presence. We're crippled by this and not a word from Yahoo. I contacted all of my local news outlets with the story and I see that finally is reporting it. This is a huge issue that is not getting the press it needs to pressure these people into making good on the accounts we paid for. I want an explanation from Yahoo. I want to know exactly what happened here, not the spin they are pushing that it's the customers fault. AT&T told me that it was a mismanagement issue at Yahoo, and SBC Global told me that it would be up to Yahoo to decide how much information they're willing to tell their customers about what happened. Obviously SOMETHING happened over there. Dailychanges shows that over 10,000 websites switched from Yahoo DNS to ZTOMY DNS over the course of 3 days. How many of those websites belonged to small businesses who make their living from online sales? Merry Christmas, from Yahoo!

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Thank you !!
Dec 6, 2013 3:40AM PST


I'd first like to thank you for taking the time to post. I hadn't seen any reference to a quote from Yahoo's Small Business Status, which leads me to an apology for posting in haste.

Sadly I can't say I'm surprised by the current state of affairs. Two years ago I had cause to deal with Yahoo's Customer Support, albeit a different and lesser issue. It took 5 days of (continuous) calls to finally get to speak with someone. The outcome wasn't worth the wait.

Denice asked for CNET's help. The News Editor in Chief was alerted the day she asked. My hopes are ... your story will be told.

Best of luck...

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Reply regarding Yahoo Small Business
Dec 6, 2013 2:19AM PST

The situation was a disaster. Yahoo did a very poor job of preparing customers with the transition. The extent of their communication about this to me was one email in September saying the transition was occurring and that I would get new billing instructions. Got nothing after that.

I wonder if they were the same people in charge of the government's Affordable Care website???

Thankfully my account was restored by Wednesday, but others were not so fortunate. For Yahoo to deactivate all those small business websites the day after Shop-small-business Saturday was really bad judgement.

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Beleive it or not..
Dec 6, 2013 4:03AM PST


Believe it or not.. hours later.. I hadn't seen your post when I responded to Ryan's. So much for multi-tasking and not refreshing pages.

I'm glad to hear your account was restored. The stories I'm reading at Facebook sadden me. More so for small businesses who count on their sites to make a living. Sad

You call their timing 'bad judgment'. I call it bad business and despicable. I'd love to hear what excuse they're going to come up with. That's .. IF there will be one.

Thanks for posting back and letting us know how things turned out..

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I appreciate your empathetic response.
Dec 6, 2013 8:26AM PST

Thank you for your empathetic response, Carol. I actually feel better about things just from an act of human kindness. Believe it or not, this is the second "computer" disaster that's happened to me in as many months, which has really stressed me out.

Back in October my work computer stopped functioning - the operating system wouldn't load at all. So I contacted Dell the manufacturer. Their tech support person told me it was a software problem or something with my operating system, so he sold me the DataSafe Local Back service and proceeded to wipe my computer clean, resetting it to like new,out-of-the-box condition. Only he didn't check the whether or not the back up worked. It didn't. I lost approx. 500,000 files and documents.

After registering a complaint with the Texas BBB, and getting Dell's final response, I was set to "go public" about that debacle and ask for CNET's help when the Yahoo situation happened. I don't consider myself to be a person with a black cloud following me around, but the timing is incredible.

Where it stands with Dell is that the Texas BBB has reopened my case and advised I contact the FTC as well as my state's Attorney General, which I will do. I have also posted the details of the case just now on the CNET manufacturer forum for Dell.

My question is, is there a "lemon law" regarding computer/software services like there is for cars and other products? The situation with Dell has done my business way more harm than the Yahoo incident. How do people fight these large multi-national corporations? How do I spread the word to other unsuspecting consumers that the Dell DataSafe Backup is not so safe after all?