Well you usually want to clean with your computer off for various reasons, so you can knock yourself out how many times you can unplug the cords. Keyboard: buy a can of compressed air from your computer store, hold about an inch above the keyboard and spary, work from the middle to the outer edges. Touchpad: Usually get a microfiber cloth and just wipe this to get all the grease and junk off it so it senses better. Screen: microfiber cloths are great and it is what I use to clean my LCD's, you can also purchase a special LCD cleaner from your local computer store. Exterior and surfaces: If you can't buff off the prints with the microfiber cloth, make the cloth SLIGHTLY damp and rub LIGHTLY till there gone. Fans and vents: again with the same can of compressed air, with the computer off spray gently or carefully into the vents and fans to dislodge any dust, repeat about three times for best results. Same for the ports and plugins on the comp, spray them out with compressed air!

Good Luck, any more care questions just ask!