Many people confuse "loading" with "starting up". I think you mean installing Windows XP as that is what your subject title suggests, but is that right?

If so, then can you give your computer specs? You say you have a 733Mhz Intel, but no clue as to RAM size, hard disk size.

For XP I reckon a 733Mhz is very slow, and the processor will struggle with XP. Also, with a 733Mhz, I suspect you are low on memory as well. XP runs best on anything around 512MB of RAM and anything less it will struggle, (that's two struggles you may have).

What about disk size? If it is small, say less than 40GB, you will struggle although I have seen people say they run their XP on a 10GB drive. So, are you now struggling on 3 counts?

Perhaps it is time to retire the old chap, and just let him carry some backups of important files and settings, or whatever.