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xp keeps crashing!

please help. my laptop keeps crashing/shutting down. i think its to do with the temperature but the fan settings are set to maximum and a temperature utility is telling me it's not over heating and is only 35 degrees c. no viruses are detected from my anti virus software. all hardware components seem to be working. the crashes usually happen when i try starting an application or doing something a bit more demanding like saving etc. it's really important i solve this. i have assignments at uni due. thanks for ya time, tee.

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Reporting: xp keeps crashing!
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Can you tell a little about your laptop?

For instance, make, model, age, if it's in warranty, if you've cleaned the heatsinks with compressed air (hint: parts other than the CPU need to be cool too) ?

-> "no viruses are detected from my anti virus software"

Take another scan with HOUSECALL (use to find) and tell how you keep SPYWARE off the machine.

-> What's running?

Some owners have installed P2P apps and such use is unsupportable.


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i have a toshiba satellite laptop, with pentium 4. the graphics card is ati mobility radeon 9700.i run freeware zone alarm. i use spybot to search for spyware although it usually crashes out before completing a search. same goes for adaware. my anti virus software is avg free version. i've run a error check on the hard disk which found no problems. my fan outlet isn't blocked and from the exterior it looks clean. i'm not confident to unscrew the laptop and clean out dust etc. i dont intend on changing from xp to another operating system. i think the laptop is still in warrenty.

i use soulseek occasionally and msn messanger. crashes have occured whilst these were running. but they've also happened whilst the programs wern't running at all. yahoo messanger doesn't cause me any problems.

i ran housecall and it crashed half way through.

thanks for your help. look forward to your reply.

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Toshiba has some "patches" for many of the P4 models.

Have you contacted Toshiba and installed their patches?

Why no answer to how old? Warranty? and the compressed air cleaning is normal maintenance. Do such or have it done.


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i haven't tried any toshiba patches so will do that now. its still in warrenty, although i've had the laptop since the past summer

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updated bios

i've updated the bios of the computer. my model is p10. the only other relevant update which isn't for something silly like mouse settings, is the display of the laptop, which i've also updated.

do you think this could have solved the problem?


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Why I ask questions about model numbers.

Then I can get specific information about known issues.

Since I didn't get such, all I can do is keep asking and hope your last change fixed it.

-> It you had called Toshiba you could confirm if there is a patch that cures the rebooting or if your model was recalled for that STATIC fix that caused reboots when the user touched the speaker grill.

Sigh. All I can do is ask for details. You don't have to tell me or call Toshiba.


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After crashes
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A while ago I posted a thread on here but nobody could help me. It was believed I had a virus, but after three to six different virus scanners, nothing has been found. I run adaware and spybot, so nothing else that shouldn't be on my hard drive is present.

Everytime I play music in Windows Media Player, with visualizations running, the laptop will randomly crash.

Everytime I'm viewing streaming video online or a video file, the laptop will randomly crash.

Sometimes if I have MSN messanger running, and I'm given a message or an alert pops up that someone has come online, I crash.

Sometimes when loading big packages like paintshop pro, or when I'm editing images, I also crash.

I therefore fear the issue is to do with my video card or processor?

My bios is up to date, as is all my drivers for all components as far as I'm aware.

I have Toshiba Satellite P10 notepad/laptop. When it crashes, it will crash a few times on attempted boot up.

Please help. Thanks for your time.

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Toshiba has some issues you need to resolve with them.

Some models needed a very specific driver or ... crash.

Some models need a new speaker grill or touching the grill... crash.

It's a known issue with some models.

-> Did you call it in?


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Haven't contacted yet.

I haven't contacted them. Usually technical support is only available in FAQ pages online so I came here first.

Do you know of a webpage/article where I can read about this?


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It's over in the Notebook forum.

You can use the search tool to find the articles.


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Looking at the various similar problems on that board, and on a toshiba message board, i'm very worried. seems like i'm simply stuck with a crap laptop forever more.

has anyone got any solutions or advice? sounds like toshiba are gonna give me the run around forever if i call them. i dont want replacement after replacement.

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The 2 items I noted are ... common.

And fixes for those are again, common. For your part, it took a very long time to share the make and model of the laptop. I'm unsure why since it would have helped find out if specific patches were needed.

Not to complain, but do try to participate in fixing your issues.


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Some more details would be helpful

Such as...When did you start facing this issue? Was it present all the time or was it on installing something that may have caused this. What happens in Safe mode? (You get it by hitting the F8 key on startup of Windows XP before the splash screen) If you are connected to the internet all the time, disconnect it and see what happens. Remove any unwanted (Non-essential to booting the computer)peripherals like wireless card.

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Toshiba laptop

I have a Toshiba Satellite 5005. This model was subject to a class action settlement because of serious overheating. I was not affected by this settlement as I bought my notebook in Canada.However I had the Toshiba fixes installed at the local agents over a year ago and I have not had a single problem since then.
Because of market pressures Toshiba, like other manufacturers, sometimes offer items before there has been sufficient time for problems to show.
However I have used Toshiba equipment for many years and I recommend You don't write off your laptop untill you have tried the fixes. Good luck Stewart

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helpline is useless.

the problem is on going and has randomly happened since i first go the computer, when little software was installed.

its a hardware related matter and im sure it's nothing to do with the internet. i require my connection at all times.

the same thing happens in safe mode, and i can't work in safe mode anyway.

all un-needed wires and cards are disconnected.

i have spoke to a helpline which said i should update the bio. my bios is currently 1.50 and they said i have to update to 1.90. the update said it wouldn't update the bios because i had the correct version. then the helpline said i actually had the right bio and said i needed to restore the entire pc/reformat, which i'm not prepared to do as the bios will still be exactly the same....

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Windows XP seems to have a mind of it's own, sometimes warped. To cure it you need to outsmart it.

1) After installing any application always reboot. XP doesn't ask you to do this, but this provides an additional ''safepoint''.

2) Use some good cleanup tools for system junk files and registry problems. I suggest Iolo System Mechanic as never having let me down. (You can get the basic version at a discount price from the website) After cleaning, then reboot.

3) I also use Norton Utilities - Win Doctor, which picks up added anomalies in the operating system. The speed disk, disk doctor, and other items are a bonus.

After doing the above I believe most if not all of your problems will magically disappear. Good luck.


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