Let me list the steps according to your post;

1] Windows XP crashed.

2] You re-installed Windows XP, (including all the drivers?). Did you re-install using the XP CD?

3] Then after that you used a Linux Live CD and renamed the Windows, Program files, Documents and Settings folders to Windows.del, Prorgam files.del, and Documents and Settings.del

4] You then installed Windows. Which Windows, Windows XP or Windows 7?

5] You cannot delete the *.del folders


A] Why install Windows XP, (step 1), then rename those folders to *.del?

B] If the Windows install went successfully, (step 1), why did you need to use a Linux Live CD to rename any folders?

C] You installed new Windows, (step 4). Why install Windows again? Which Windows, XP or 7?

D] Why can't you delete those *.del folders? What is this "Sharing error", the full message?