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Xbox 360 unable to read

Dec 31, 2010 6:53AM PST

Have a xbox 360 that stopped being able to read discs. Can it be repaired? Do I throw it in the trash.

Please help

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I may be outside the forum policies here.
Dec 31, 2010 6:58AM PST

While I did accomplish repair of such by swapping in a new dvd drive what I had to learn and do in the process taught me more than I bargained for. And it was a good thing I had some spare older PC to get the firmware into the new drive.

Sadly I think that I can't write more than that and stay inside the forum policies!

So yes it can be repaired but beware that DIY repair appears to be too much for most and I fear it may be considered breaking some "Microsoft LAW."

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Dec 31, 2010 7:04AM PST

If I took it to a Microsoft authorized repair store would it be worth the cost or should it just be replaced?

Thanks for the help

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Let me be blunt.
Dec 31, 2010 7:18AM PST

If this is a nice newer HDMI equipped 360 I'd get a price for the repair and compare to a replacement unit.

If this is the pre-HDMI unit I suggest not since the chipset is known for the RROD issue which is covered but I like the newer not so often HDMI RROD units.

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Probably not
Dec 31, 2010 9:34AM PST

Probably not, but it kind of depends. The new 4GB Slim model goes for about $200US, so if you don't really use the HDD for anything but game saves, you'd probably just be better off selling yours on eBay and buying a new 4GB Slim.

If you like to store games on the HDD as well, or download movies, etc from Xbox Live... Then you have to ask yourself if it's worth an extra $100US over the 4GB model to get a 250GB HDD. Or spend that money getting the system fixed. I think MS has a flat rate $140 repair price, but you should be able to verify that with a little Googling. What usually ends up happening is they just ship you a refurbished unit that is as close to the same generation as yours. Then they give you a 90 day warranty, and a 1-month Live card. But you're on your own getting the system to them. They'll provide a shipping label, but you have to provide the box.

And of course if you have any interest at all in Kinect, the new Slim models are clearly what MS had in mind when designing Kinect.

You could also potentially find someone selling a system that has the RROD issue, but the optical drive is fine. You'll need a special tool to pop some latches on the 360 case, but you can practice on the RRODing one so it's no big deal if you bend it all up. After that, just swap drives. No firmware issues to worry about, and if you play on Xbox Live, it's a "genuine" Xbox 360 drive, so should be no ban issues to worry about.

So, you have to ask yourself just how much of an excuse do you need to get a new 360 Slim, possibly with Kinect.

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why the xbox will not read discs.
Feb 1, 2011 1:28AM PST

This error I see quite a lot - I run a computer repair shop but the amount of PS3's and Xbox 360's that come in is...well ALOT!

This actually happens because of the laser being slightly off.

Sometimes it is the drive that is faulty but in 85% of cases it is the laser off key.

You can send it in and they will fix it for you although this can take about 4 weeks and cost you $150 for this error to be fixed.

The other way that you can fix it is by repairing it yourself and for this a good Xbox 360 repair guide helps >

Hope this helps.

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xbox 360
Apr 16, 2011 11:31AM PDT

anyone here do "Modding" and Resell used Xboxs? let me know..,

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Not a mod or for sale forum.
Apr 16, 2011 11:34AM PDT

Please check the forum policies.

Because of the country this forum is in, mods are not a suitable topic.

Locking this old discussion.

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Don't throw it in the trash
Mar 24, 2011 9:19AM PDT

I am not sure if it can be repaired or not but if it ends up being unfix-able you can always sell it on ebay for parts to recover some costs instead of just throwing it in the trash.