WOW,. Late night, election day and Trump turns them out!

And there are 10's of thousands cheering like I've never heard, even for world series winners, even for super bowl winners, unbelievable!

Michigan turns out for Midnight Watch with Trump. Amazing!!

No show, no Beyonce or other garbage and their funky crap to attract fans for Hillary to abuse. No Obama or Michelle to pull in voters for Hillary. Just Pence and Trump. Love it.

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Reporting: WOW,. Late night, election day and Trump turns them out!
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"...used to be, you made the cars in Flint, but couldn't drink the water in Mexico. Now the cars are made in Mexico, and you can't drink the water in Flint!"

Great line from Trump in Michigan on last rally at 1am Election Day, Tuesday.

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RE:the cars are made in Mexico,

AND you can't drink the water in Mexico.

Manufacturing automobiles produces bad water?

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By your logic

you are back to riding your bicycle and expect everyone else to as well in order to keep your water supplies clean? How much 'sacrifice' are you will to do in order to further your 'progressive' cause? According to all liberals, progressivism is everything, but it always is a 'short-term' situation because long-term it always proves out to be the wrong decision, but all of those who 'invested' on a personal level into that 'progress' make millions (look at Gore et al) and everyone else suffers the consequences of their decisions.

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RE:look at Gore et al

et al?....


Moved production of HIS products overseas?

Users commented on that the suit that BuzzFeed purchased previously was listed as being imported from Mexico or China. This photo shows a Trump suit that carries a “Made in Mexico” label.

As a show of good faith BEFORE running for President HE should have moved production of HIS products BACK to American Factories....

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He's already said that

his products will come back to the USA AFTER he's elected....until that time, he's within the same laws that all of hilLIARy's supporters are using. He's in business to make a profit, JP, just like any other business, and as long as what he does is legal, according to current laws, why should he stop when her friends don't?

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"As a show of good faith"

don't you think hilLIARy should have released ALL of her emails BEFORE lying about them, and BEFORE being forced to give up what she decided to surrender that should have been surrendered (including personal ones) to the State Dept as she left office (THEY have final word on what is personal and what is work related, NOT her), and that she shouldn't have DELETED more than half of what she had on that server AFTER she had a Congressional subpoena to turn them over, and that she should have used the email address she was given instead of setting up a private one to keep everything away from a FOIA request, and that she shouldn't have allowed the FOUNDATION to pay for Chelsea's living expenses AND her wedding (remember I told you they were using the Foundation as their own bank account for personal reasons?).

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Haven't you learned?

Progressivism doesn't need to make sense, it just needs to orbit around that which does make sense, but in the void called nonsense.

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