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Wow does President Clinton look old :-(

I'm watching footage of President's Bush 41 and Clinton in Tailand right now. Bush is 20+ years older than Clinton, yet they look far closer in age. The recent heart problems that Clinton has had no-doubt have aged him tremendously. I hope he bounces back a bit better in the years to come. He just doesn't look so good.

Evie Happy
(p.s. This is NOT a Clinton bashing post. I was just a bit shocked by his appearance post bypass surgery. My FIL was around 65 when he went through this and he looked much better than before the surgery within a matter of a few months)

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Reporting: Wow does President Clinton look old :-(
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The looks attributed to by-pass surgery has much to do with the diet and medications you are on that control unhealthy eating habits and the effects those foods have on you.

Many of the foods Clinton was eating prior to the surgery gave him a 'meaty' robust appearance and it was deceiving. He has said many times that he had stopped taking his meds, too, for years prior to the surgery which also hid the fact that the foods that were clogging up his arteries created an 'out of control' situation. In many cases, the rapid/immediate loss of 'bad' foods/weight gain in combination with taking the meds on a regular basis to keep things under control, give patients a rapid look of aging, even though they are actually healthier internally than they have been for a long time.

Clinton has lost quite a bit of weight since his surgery and it has made him appear to have aged rapidly because of the 'sunken' look to his face instead of that 'pudgy, healthy glow' that was a false appearance of good health before. I've seen this happen with quite a few heart surgery patients over the last ten years, including my well as some people I know who are being treated for diabetes in their later years now. Adjusting to a new regime that needs to be followed immediately gives an extreme appearance change more often than people realize, whereas the change would have been a gradual one otherwise and nobody would have noticed it so much.


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Actually ...

... Clinton had trimmed down quite a bit before the "incident" (seem to recall he didn't have a heart attack, rather an angina attack, which would be also the case for my FIL). I recall commentators at the time talking about how trim, fit and youthful he had been looking of late. He looks extremely pale now, and no doubt some of his appearance is related to medications. I hope he bounces back better is all. He almost looks "frail thin" now, and even with heart patients, my MIL and others demonstrate that thin is not necessarily always a "healthy weight".

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Just look at the

"Before" & "After" pics of any of our presidents and you might get an impression of what a draining job this is....and could, maybe, find new respect for a punching bag.Happy

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They all look older after even a single term in office. Look at campaign footage of Dubya from 2000 and 2004 as well! But Clinton had been looking really good in the months leading up to the heart stuff.

Evie Happy

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I think another factor...
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Maybe this is what struck me ...

... he looks almost frail Sad He had trimmed down quite a bit before the heart incident and looked very fit and youthful at the time. If his doctors have encouraged him to get this thin, perhaps they ought to reconsider. It does not appear to be a healthy weight for him. JM-non professional-O.

Evie Happy

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Good points.

You may very well be right.

He'd been overweight for a long time, and the lost weight in someone of his age (when that elasticity wanes), lets the underlying tissues sag. I used to chide my brother about losing weight, and he joked he did not want to, because then the wrinkles in his face would show. Happy

The senior Pres. Bush has always looked fit, and has an angular, slim face. IMO, he may not look old until closer to 100.

What gets me is that somebody like him (Bush) who has spent a lot of time in the sun has so few wrinkles. But I've heard somewhere that the fact that men shave has an impact on that.


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The sun and wrinkles

Hi Angeline,

Yeah it is surprising, then again, I have far fewer wrinkles than my sister and I've always been far more of a sun-bunny than she is. I think it's a complexion thing and there's something to melanin that must be related to wrinkles. We've all seen some of the sun worshippers on the beaches with their dark brown wrinkly leather-like "hides". But I often wonder if there isn't something else (like smoking) that played a part in that. I'm at an age that I've started to get a few of those dastardly things. But give me my summer tan and they go away. Maybe sun on my face brings blood to the surface and plumps them out? Who knows!

Evie Happy

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Being President does that too, Evie.

Bush looks much more than four years older now than when he was elected. It's the effect of constant stress. BTW, I though G was the most relaxed and lucid I've seen him at that impromptu press conference after the anouncement of Negroponte's confirmation. Apparently his handlers are letting the reins loose now that there's no election immediately ahead...

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Can't resist putting a little dig in each post can you?

Bush never appears to be anything other than lucid.

I agree that being President ages you. But last I checked Bush 41 was President too.

I'm comparing Clinton's quite youthful and fit appearance in public appearances just weeks before the surgery and his rather frail and tired looking appearance now. Hope it's not indicative that this has taken a greater toll on his health as a whole.

Evie Happy

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(NT) (NT) this happens when you give up cigars :-)
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This happens when you stop doing anything you love

consuming chocolate, rich deserts,Steak for breakfast and interns for 10 minute breaks...Just kidding... Happy

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