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Would like to print wirelessly from notebook.

by Big Steve / February 23, 2007 2:09 PM PST

I posted this question in the Computer Newbies forum; didn't get much action there so I thought I'd post my question here. I have a Dell Dimension desktop installed in a back bedroom which is connected to an HP 2575 multi-function printer which is labeled as being "network ready". I'm on Bell South DSL Lite service.

I also have a Dell notebook which I use wirelessly in the living room most of the time and I'd like to know if I could print from the notebook to the HP 2575 printer wirelessly. I have gone through the manual which came with the printer; there is an ethernet port on the back of the printer; no ethernet cable came with the printer nor is there an HP part number listed in the owner's manual for such a cable. HP did list a part number for a USB printer cable but no ethernet cable part number.

This printer has since been discontinued by HP; to be able to print wirelessly from my notebook to the printer will I need to purchase an HP ethernet cable for the printer; if I can find what the HP part number is; connect that ethernet cable to my router which is also set up in that same bedroom to be able to print wirelessly from the notebook or can I print wirelessly another way? Someone posted in the Computer Newbie forum that I could do so by "sharing the printer". Feedback from anyone in this forum who might know.

Big Steve
Biloxi, Mississippi

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Buy a
by PudgyOne / February 23, 2007 7:29 PM PST

wireless printer adapter. I have a Dell wireless printer adapter attached to my printer, Dell Photo AIO Printer 964. I then install the printer drivers to each laptop(3 IN ALL), using the network installation. Each laptop can then print to the printer using the wireless network that I have. I can be out on the back patio and can print wireless while my daughter and son can be in their room and can also print wireless.


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Re: Buy a
by Big Steve / February 23, 2007 8:56 PM PST
In reply to: Buy a

Would what you're suggesting work on an HP printer or would purchasing an HP ethernet cable and connecting one end of the cable to the ethernet port on the HP printer and the other end of the cable to a port on my Lynksys router make things work and also be a less expensive way to go?

I'm having trouble locating an HP ethernet cable part number for my printer; an HP 2575. It's not listed anywhere in the 138 page owner's manual; I can't find the information anywhere on HP or on

Will another brand of ethernet cable work for my HP printer or does the ethernet cable need to be an HP branded cable? Advise whenever you can and thanks for your post.

Big Steve
Biloxi, Mississippi

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connecting printer wireless
by rich0101 / February 24, 2007 2:47 PM PST
In reply to: Re: Buy a

There is a possibility you may be able to connect the printer directly into the wireless router port.I have never tried this, but it is worth a try. If your wireless router allows you to set a static IP address, which it should enter the MAC address of your printer and assigned it a static IP address. This has to be done from your router. Once this is done, check for connectivity to the printer using your laptop to ping the static IP address of printer.

If this checks out ok, you may be able to setup a printer wireless on your laptop. Next step is to go to the printers and faxes setup menu on your laptop and select add new printer. Next, select local printers attached then select a printer port (Create Newport). This option should present you with a box that will allow entry of the static IP address of your printer connected to the router. After you are finish, do a test page. Oh yea, the cable you need is a straight through cat5 or cat5e to connect your printer to the router.

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Re: connecting printer wireless
by Big Steve / February 24, 2007 11:58 PM PST

The cable you refer to does it need to be an HP branded cable since my printer is an HP model or can I use some other brand?

Big Steve
Biloxi, MS

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you might try this/no need to buy anything
by FpLiOnYkD / February 25, 2007 1:28 AM PST

If you are using Windows XP. you might try this.
1 Go to the Control panel
2. Select: printer and faxes
3. select: Add a printer (The "Add a printer wizard" will come up)
4. select: next
5. Select: add a net work printer or a printer attached to another
6. follow the on screen directions

It will be very helpful to know the name of your printer.

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Re: you might try this/no need to buy anything
by Big Steve / February 25, 2007 3:14 AM PST

My printer is an HP Photosmart 2575 inkjet printer; a printer which will be one year old next month but has already been discontinued by HP. There are lots of them for sale on Ebay although I'm not interested in buying another one.

I have another desktop in the house which is connected to an HP 895Cse; a real workhorse printer. I'm on my third HP 895Cse having bought my last two off of Ebay. HP doesn't make basic inkjet printers anymore which are built as good as the HP 895Cse.

A feature I do like about the HP 2575 that my older HP 895Cse doesn't have is an on screen indicator which briefly appears whenever I attempt to print anything letting me know roughly how much ink I have remaining in each cartridge; the black is about 75% gone; the color appears to not have been touched.

When I do what you suggest I do will I do it from the computer which is connected to the printer which is a Dell Dimension desktop PC or will I need to take my Dell notebook to the room where the HP 2575 inkjet printer is set up and attempt to do what you have suggested that I do by using the Dell notebook?

Big Steve
Biloxi, MS

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by FpLiOnYkD / February 25, 2007 4:24 AM PST

You will do this from the laptop. You should not have to move the laptop as long as it is within range of the network. (router)

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Use Bonjour
by hate pc / February 27, 2007 9:52 AM PST
In reply to: laptop

If you go to apple's website and download Bonjour for windows onto your laptop (free), it will seamlessly link your printer into your network (you know, the way Windows was supposd to). I have a Mac attached to my HP printer, and my three other windows xp computers (one wireless laptop, 2 wired via router) all have bonjour installed and worked immediately. The only thing you need to remember is that if your desktop is asleep, you will need to wake it up before you can print. You do not need a Mac for this to work.

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Using Bonjour
by angelac / March 2, 2007 9:55 PM PST
In reply to: Use Bonjour

Thanks so much for this hint. It worked perfectly! After months of switching cables back and forth between my desktop Mac and Windows laptop in order to print, I finally had a solution that didn't require a printer router.

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Re: Use Bonjour
by Big Steve / March 2, 2007 11:33 PM PST
In reply to: Use Bonjour

Will what you recommend work only if you have a Mac and a Windows PC? Both of my PC's are Windows based. Will Bonjour still work if both PC's are Windows based or does one of them have to be a Mac?

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Use Bonjour
by slcfellow / July 23, 2008 5:11 PM PDT
In reply to: Use Bonjour

You're a genius. I typed in a quick search to get my Mac desktop (connected to my HP printer) be the network for my Dell laptop. I downloaded Bonjour and minutes...literally, I was printing wirelessly from my laptop.
I'm not a tech guru, but that was fantastic. And easy. Thanks for the tip!

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Not a wireless network printer
by MARBLEANN / March 2, 2007 11:46 PM PST

Hi Your Printer is Network ready but it is not Wireless network ready. I noticed the difference when I went to look for a wireless printer. Your printer has to use a wired network. The replacement printer the C6180 and 4180 are both wireless.
In any case the question about your ehternet cable, Any CAT-15 cable will do it does not have to be a HP cable. If your printer were a wireless printer the only reason you would need the ehthernet cable is when you intially set up your printer, you need to connect the printer to your rounter to get the network adress, but that is it.

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Re: Not a wireless network printer
by Big Steve / March 3, 2007 12:19 AM PST

All I know is this since I didn't set any of it up; in a back bedroom is a Dell Dimension desktop PC which has cables going to the back of it from a DSL modem from Bell South. On the same desk is an HP 2575 "network ready" inkjet printer which is connected to the Dell Dimension desktop PC.

Also in that same bedroom is a Lynksys router which is connected to something; either to the desktop PC or directly to the DSL modem; the router allows me to use another computer; a Dell Inspiron notebook wirelessly throughout my house.

I use the notebook 95% of the time and would like to be able to print documents from my notebook and send that signal to the HP 2575 "network ready" inkjet printer without having to take the Dell notebook to that back bedroom and literally having to connect my Dell notebook directly to the printer. So all I need to do is purchase a CAT 5 ethernet cable?

The software mentioned in a previous post; someone suggested going to Apple's website and download a program; in my case that won't help me; is that what you're saying? Your advice is to instead go out and purchase a CAT 5 ethernet cable; bring it back home then connect one end of it to the ethernet port on the back of my "network ready" inkjet printer then take the other end of the cable and connect it to any available port on the back of my Lynksys router? Will that work? What's the difference between a "wireless" printer and a "network ready" printer? Thanks for your post.

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wired and wireless.
by MARBLEANN / March 3, 2007 1:00 AM PST

Network ready can mean 3 things. It can be wireless or wired or both. Your Printer is network ready but it is only wired network ready. Which means you are going to need wires (cable) to set up your printer to a network. I think it is very misleading when they advertise something as being network capable or ready but does not advertise that it has to be wired or it is wireless.
For you to use a network you have to use cables to connect it to the router or other computers. maybe someone has a way you can go wireless but I made it my business to look for a wireless printer because there was no viable soulution.
The printer I have can be used as wireless which means I need no wires(cables)to connect my printer to a network. I am sure if you go online and look up the manual for your printer they have a diagram on how to set you printer up to a network. And you will see that you need a cable to do it.
Because I have a wirelsss capable printer I can connect my network using a wires too. But you cannot use a WIRED Network capable as a wireless network printer.
I cannot see if you have computers in different rooms how a wired network would be the right choice because you will have to work cables through your house. To me I would just buy another printer. And being that you have a notebook there is no way I would use wired. That is why I made sure my printer was wirelsss. This way I have a desktop in one room my notebook all over the house my printer in my bedroom and one router in another room and no wires are involved. I can use my notebook outside and it will print. The only time I needed to use the cable was when I first set the printer up to get the network address. I understand you have a all in one printer. My printer is just a printer. But the replacement printer for yours is wireless network capable. I suspect that is big difference. Even if I did not have 2 computers I would get a wireless network printer. It works like magic with my notebook.

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wireless printer
by mikief2002 / December 27, 2008 10:42 PM PST
In reply to: wired and wireless.

what hardware do i need, the printer is bluetooth ready. do i need an adapter for the notebook and the computer?

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Let's say what you told is true.
by R. Proffitt Forum moderator / December 27, 2008 11:02 PM PST
In reply to: wireless printer

Did you add a bluetooth dongle to your PC? If not, why not?

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by lisaharrisstudio / March 3, 2007 1:20 PM PST

sorry, the hp c4180 is not wireless

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not wireless
by MARBLEANN / March 4, 2007 3:35 AM PST
In reply to: printer

Sorry I meant the C6180 and 7180 they are both wireless

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wireless printing
by stevel227 / March 2, 2007 11:58 PM PST

So I'm assuming you have a wireless router, through which your laptop connects to the internet. And assuming the desktop is connected (wired) to the router, and the printer is wired directly to the desktop via USB or other. So I think your solution is simple: "share" the printer with your wireless network. I think when you do that, your laptop will send a print signal back to the router, which somehow sends it to the printer ... and voila ... printing wirelessly. You don't need the ethernet port on the printer. Query your Microsoft Help menu for directions. I've done this, and the only tricky part for me was getting the laptop to establish the right link to the printer.

Steve in KY

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Re: wireless printing
by Big Steve / March 3, 2007 12:45 AM PST
In reply to: wireless printing

I've even tried printing information stored on the Dell notebook by doing this; in another bedroom I have an older desktop PC; a WIN 95 desktop PC which is connected to an older HP inkjet printer; an HP Deskjet 895Cse inkjet printer.

I've taken the notebook to the other bedroom and then connected a USB cable to the Dell notebook which I then connected directly to the back of the HP 895Cse inkjet printer; the notebook immediately recognizes that a new printer has been connected to it; the wizard then pops up and has me go through the step by step process of adding a new printer; the HP 895Cse printer.

After doing all of that I then attempt to print whatever it is that I want to print off of the notebook and when I hit print nothing happens. What could be causing that problem? Could attempting to print data stored on one computer; the notebook and trying to do so using an older printer connected to an older computer; my WIN 95 desktop PC be the cause of that problem? Thank you for your post.

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Maybe you need a driver
by MARBLEANN / March 3, 2007 1:08 AM PST
In reply to: Re: wireless printing

It might be you need a driver
How do you have the printer set up as? Is it set up as a network printer?
I needed a driver when I set up a old printer with a computer even though the wizard set me up.

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Re: Maybe you need a driver
by Big Steve / March 3, 2007 1:27 AM PST

So if I upgraded from my HP 2575 printer which will be one year old the 23rd of this month to a wireless printer that should solve my problem? I hate to do that because I haven't used the printer very much.

As a matter of fact the original inkjet cartridges are still in the printer. The color cartridge is nearly full while the black cartridge is almost halfway down. Anyone out there know what a wireless equivalent be to the HP 2575 "network ready" printer? Thanks for your post.

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wireless printers
by MARBLEANN / March 3, 2007 4:25 AM PST

You can connect your ethernet cable to the router from the printer you have, if your notebook and other computer is wireless through that router, it might work. Try that first. And you can use any enthernet cable. If that does not work, then you have to buy a new printer. But here is a thought. I would keep my all in one for the fax and the copier and just get a stand alone printer , not another all in one. I always buy my stuff seperatly for this exact reason. The printer I have is a HP 6980 which is wireless, I don't think I paid more then 150 for it. The dt version just lets you print both sides without a extra part and it has higher capacity and is a lot more money.
You can only get it from HP online or maybe Best Buy online or some other online store. You will not find it in a store because for some reason this printer is considered a busness printer, probably because it is wireless.
If you want a all in one the HP officejet 6310 and office jet 7410 or a HP c6180 or C7180 is wireless. I believe the 6180 and 7180 is the replacement printer for the one you have.

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by hate pc / March 3, 2007 5:20 AM PST
In reply to: wireless printers

Although I have a Mac and several PCs, I am pretty sure that Bonjour for windows would work with all pc networks. Since it is free and contains no spyware/adware, I suggest you give it a try and stop wasting so much time and money on complicated, unreliable, microsoft solutions. When you install it on each pc in your network, make sure your desktop (which should be directly connected to your printer) is awake, and not sleeping.

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Re: Bonjour
by Big Steve / March 3, 2007 6:11 AM PST
In reply to: Bonjour

Making sure that my desktop is not asleep? Do you means that it should be turned on? Thanks for your post.

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Sleep versus Wake
by hate pc / March 3, 2007 1:26 PM PST
In reply to: Re: Bonjour

Most, if not all, operating systems (windows, Mac OSX, etc) have a power management system to save electricity, battery life, screen life, and hard drive life. Usually, you can tell the OS to turn off any of these after a period of inactivity. Many terms are used to describe when the computer turns parts of itsself off, such as Sleep, hibernating, and Standby. I don't know the technical difference between these terms, but in using Bonjour, you desktop needs to be on and ready for commands. The screen can be off, but I don't think it will print if the hard drives are off. If you send a print job and the desktop is asleep, it will save the print job in a queue, which you can print later when you return to the desktop.
If you'd just give Bonjour a try, I think this entire thread could be put to rest. It just works.
After 18 years of fighting with windows, I switched to Mac. I'll never buy another windows system. Unless you're a programmer, you should never have even heard the terms TCP/IP, IRQ adress, DHCP, DNS, WINS, and my personal favorite, "Windows has encountered a problem...Send Error Report/Don't Send Error Report"

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by MARBLEANN / March 3, 2007 6:50 AM PST
In reply to: Bonjour

I am one of those people who feel the less Microsoft in my life the better. although I use WindowsXP mainly because I am not a computer maven and very few people I know use Apple. I even stay away from IE and use SeaMonkey for my browser instead, so with that being said what exactly is Bonjour?

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Don't buy new printer yet...
by 2handsmm / March 3, 2007 8:07 AM PST

Hi steve. I had the same need, situation as you... desktop Emachine, old HP Deskjet (w/parallel port), and new Dell laptop. The 2 computers are both on wireless netwk(neither hardwired to the wireless router-Linksys). My laptop needed to print, the desktop needed to print. I went to CompUsa and was sold a D-Link 301P+ Fast Ethernet Print Server- cost about $50. It connects directly to back of the printer, which connects to router via an Ethernet cable. I had to connect the laptop via ethernet to the print server/printer initially for the setup, but once done (D-Link talked me thru it), both computers print to it wirelessly... I WOULD go to Dlink website to make sure the product IS compatible with your printer before you buy, but that might be your solution too. Hope this doesn't confuse you further. Good luck! Meg

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Re: Don't buy new printer yet...
by Big Steve / March 3, 2007 9:23 AM PST


Thanks for the post. One of the earlier posters in this thread suggested I purchase an ethernet or CAT5 cable; hook one end of that cable into the ethernet port on the back of my HP 2575 multi-function "NETWORK READY" inkjet printer then take the other end of that cable and connect it to a port on my Lynksys router and that should work. If that would do it the price of a CAT5 cable probably would be cheaper than what you're recommending wouldn't you think? Again thank you for your comments.

End Of Message

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by tellar / March 3, 2007 6:20 PM PST

With your printer being wired you will need to attach it via ethernet cable to something with a spare ethernet port (computer or router).

You can use any working ethernet cable for this sollution it will work with your printer

you can choose a computer or a router or a wireless bridge.

The Computer would be the easiest option, just install the printer on your fixed computer and goto ptinters and faxes in control pannel right click the printer and choose sharing. (this optin requires that the computer that is connected to th printer must be on in order that you can print from the other computers in your network)

you can now add the printer to all of the computers which are attached to the same network.

if you are surfing wirelessly already you will have a wireless router already so just plug the printer into one of the free ethernet ports in your router. this will mean that the printer is also always available no matter if cretain computers on your network are on or off.

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