What I do:
1. I've got a PC at home and a PC at work. So there's no need to carry the hardware around.
2. I use a USB-stick to move files between home and work. Far less tiring to carry a USB-stick around than a laptop!
3. When at home, I've got access to my business mail at the companies Exchange server via Outlook Web Access.
4. When occasionally needing something that isn't on my USB-stick I can login on my companies Terminal Server via Citrix software.

It could well be that #3 and #4 don't apply to you. Then #1 and #2 are easy to do, as long as you have a PC at home, it has the right programs and the data needed is transportable. If not, it becomes more difficult. You'll might need programs like Logmein to work from home at your work PC. But there's all kind of security involved. Your work should open the firewall for this, for example, and install software on the work PC.

So it really depends on the circumstances. Better contact your IT-staff and see what they advise.