Better go searching for a better copy of the file than this .txt one filled with question marks. Things to try in Windows Explorer:
- search for the filename with an extension of * (like mydoc.* if it's called mydoc)
- search for files with a create date/time the day you saved it or the day before
- search for a backup copy in the same folder (if you have set Words option to save a backup copy; it's in Tools>Options)

Other things to try:
- what happens if you click on the shortcut?
- can you open the file from the Most Recently Used list in Word (in the File-menu)?
- make a copy of the .txt file and rename it to .doc or .rtf and try to open it.

TMF, by the way, is unlikely (it's a "Wordperfect Tagged Font Metafile").

If everything fails, you've learned a very hard lesson on the need to backup data you're working on and don't want to lose if anything happens with it. Just copy it to a USB-stick every day and you lose 12 hours work at most. Also it could be useful to save it to a different name sometimes (like mydoc_July3_2007.doc) and safely store that.

Best of luck finding it.