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Word 2002 -- problem with copy/paste

For some reason, I can no longer use Control A, C V to copy . I regularly type copy to be used two-up on a page. Never had a problem until now. Finally tried right clicking on copy and it worked. By why would the normal way be disabled?
Thanks, Peggy

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Reporting: Word 2002 -- problem with copy/paste
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Questions and a test

I don't have any real clues at the moment, but I have a question. You said, "I regularly type copy to be used two-up on a page". What does that mean? It may not be relevant to your problem, but you never know.

Does this failure occur only in Word, or does it happen with other text typing, eg when typing a post in these forums. I know it works when typing here as I have just tried it. CTRL + A to highlight all my text, CTRL + C to copy, then open Notepad and CTRL + V to paste into Notepad. It's a good test to see if this is just a problem with Word or generally.

Another question, what has changed since you were last able to do this?


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Okay, I type out the words of a song on one half the page, then copy them to the other half so I don't have to type them twice.

Yes, this failure is only in Word -- I can do it any other place. I'm not aware of any changes since it began to happen a few weeks ago.

As I mentioned, I can do it if I right click on the mouse, but I'm so used to CTRL A, CTRL C, CTRL V, it seems easier.

Hope this helps, Peggy

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All I have found

is the guidance here;

It talks about clearing the clipboard in the Edit menu but when I used Word 2002 I don't remember ever seeing that option. Personally I am not sure the problem is so easily fixed.

Do other CTRL shortcuts work? There's a list here;

I'm stumped otherwise. When I come across Word problems I try two things;

1] Delete "". This is Word's default Template file and if you search for you should find it on your hard drive. With Word closed, delete that file. When you open Word again it will be re-created. can get corrupted and this can cause odd behaviour. Deleting does no harm.

2] If that fails, I goto Word's Help menu where there is a "Detect and Repair" option. But this usually needs the Office 2002 Setup CD to be inserted at some stage.

Sorry, I'm not much help.


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Hey, I think that did it! I seemed to have two files, one with a "squiggle" in front of it. I deleted both, went in and tested it and, hooray! All seems well. Thank you!.

My husband had a weird thing last night on Word 2003. On deadline, of course, suddenly the curser wouldn't move. I told him to make sure he saved everything and then exit and restart the computer. When he opened that document, he received error message that it was corrupted and gave a couple of suggestions, including "Detect and Repair". I tried that, but didn't know where the CD is. The other was a little confusing -- it said to click on the document, then press "open and repair". What is should have said was "highlight" the document. When you clicked it on, the error message came up. When you just highlighted it, you then go to open and repair and that fixed it. He's not real computer savvy and says he won't turn it off until he's finished with his pieces on deadline. Okay! I wondered if the on his computer could have caused this. What do you think? I won't mess with it yet until he's finished.

Thanks so much for your help, Peggy

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That's great.

It was a bit of a long shot with the Copy/Paste problem, but I'm glad it worked for you.

About your husbands Word 2003. First thing first, make sure he saves his document regularly. All too often we see exasperated users who have lost a huge or important document whilst in the middle of typing, because they were not saving regularly.

Also, especially for important documents, make sure there is a backup copy.

Word will auto-save for you and you can set the interval when it does. That means that, at worst, you lose a few minutes of work and not the whole doc file.

I don't think the cursor freezing would be caused by a corrupt, but there's no harm in trying. With the important document saved and backed up, delete it's and re-open Word 2003.

But a freezing cursor could be other things, so be prepared for further investigation.


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