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Wondershare ~ Do NOT buy from them ! CAUTION !!!!!!!

I messed up on-line trying to order ( purchase ) Wondershare Ripper Pac ( three programs )and ended up with a reg for ONLY Video Converter.

It's been SIX days now and I'm getting nowhere. My dialog box on there site has more than 20 messages back and forth.

THET simply WILL NOT comply with there own 30 Day MONEY BACK GUARANTEE if not satisfied. The only option they give me is to KEEP the program I ended up with for $50 and BUY what I was REALLY looking for.


I had a similar problem with UNIBLUE ( company ) --- REFUND in less than 2 hours. Do business with them for whatever they sell.

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Reporting: Wondershare ~ Do NOT buy from them ! CAUTION !!!!!!!
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If you paid by credit card

you may have the right to a refund through the credit card company.


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Thanks Mark

CC has difficulty because it's a DOWNLOADED PROGRAM.

Wonershare WILL NOT even RESOND to any further emails.

EVERYONE ---------- BE CAUTIOUS OF THEM ! They sell a GREAT deal of programs for MANY different things.

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Check again.

I don't want to detract from the message you want to give, but what you said about your Credit Card company concerned me, so I will say this, and then leave you to check as you wish.

In the UK where I live consumers have protection in law under the 1974 act called the Consumer Credit Act, Amongst other things, this provides protection to the consumer where the supplier has breached his contract with you by providing a faulty product or misleads. You can refuse to continue with the credit transaction. At that time this was credit finance like loans, etc.

In 2004 the UK High Court ruled that this also applies to credit card transactions, and it did not matter where or how the transaction took place, whether from a shop, by mail-order, by telephone or internet - the protection is the same. If the product cost over

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Wondershare BEWARE - ABSOLUTELY beware!

I'll be damn fortunate if I get my money back from them. I recently purchased via net - my credit card - Wondershare's "Movie Story" - this program is LOADED with bugs and I have almost 10 emails back and forth from me to the company - and the company keeps giving me "reasons" I'm experiencing the many issues I've been having. When I asked for a refund? Their response:

In broken English this is what I get:

Dear User,
Thank you for contacting us.
Per our refund policy, we can only make refund for the customers who meet technical problems in using our products and the problem cannot be fixed by us.
So we appreciate you could give us more hint to locate the possible reason to the problem. We will try our best to help you.

Best regards,

Wondershare support team--Fu

I plan on writing them back and "give them more hint" (what the $%^& does THAT mean?)

I'm going to tell them I'm planning on sharing my HIGHLY NEGATIVE experience with them - and their blatant REFUSAL to give me - a refund - in spite of a program full of bugs - on all the Internet tech sites I can find - including Twitter, Facebook, My Space, etc. if I don't get a refund.

Obviously, they don't give a damn about the customer - in spite of their statement that they DO.

^&*( them - DO NOT deal with them! I'm trying to find a movie/slideshow software that will incorporate both .avi files and .jpegs and my own music (WMF) and Wondershare Movie Story is NOT it.

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Wondershare "runaround" emails for ALL to see!
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That web site.

Apparently you have to 'log in'.

Also, that web site is, so it seems, the Wondershare web site. Why are you linking to that?


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Thanks Mark the site

is actually my Yahoo email site and I thought I could simply do a copy and paste to take folks to the Wondershare emails I received and sent but will try again. I'd like to share the "ping-pong game" via email they've been playing with me.

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Another point of view

Listen, I bought from 4Media a YouTube Video Downloader and MP4 Converter. When I found out that it was sheer duplication I asked for a refund. They politely sent me a serial number for their ultimate version but weren't about to refund either. Like this company, Wondershare has associate companies which sell slightly modified interfaces of the same software as Wondershare differing in color or button design. The biggest single problem I faced is that I bought the Wondershare AllMyTube for mac version 1.2.6 It went into blackout for months because of changes to Safari and youtube and the sniffer and software didn't work. However, the engineers were silently working and produced version 2.0.0 of the AllMy Tube for Mac and some really nice new powerful video converters. The AllMy Tube upgrade is free license to the 2.0.0 which actually works perfectly and the new Wondershare Video Converter and the Pro version are elegant additions. I have found their tech support to be patient and outstanding. There are few downloaders and converters in the Mac world which aren't spinoffs of the same build by at least five other associate companies. You can see they are the same app with different subtle facelifts. Whatever the problems of the past which function, I think it put Wondershare and other downloader developers like Tooble in big trouble that really threatened their image. This was not their fault. The technology changed all of a sudden leaving most downloaders in big trouble. I do not doubt your problems with Wondershare but my experience was to have to be patient for a month then another month because tech support explained that they were running into technical snags. Well, in the meantime I bought from another company a converter so numerically challenging with no manual and you needed a degree from Cal Tech to use it. The tech support was in India, the manual was a two-liner and misrepresented features not present in the product. The tech support didn't know the power of the programs and I had to figure it out myself. Also the program crashed. Then I got in touch with Wondershare to see why I couldn't get there product to work which made me go to a third party for a nightmare. All was explained to me by a certain wonderful tech and that tech has shown me the way to the new AllMyTube for Mac and I also bought the Wondershare Converter Pro for Mac, all with powerful new features and an elegant new interface. The tech has worked tirelessly with me. The return policies tend to be wierd with these companies and they have a monopoly on the products. But the only other options for the Mac are the nice iTubeX 7.8 by a 17 year old genius for only $7.50 for a very fine downloader/mp4 and mp3 converter by a German called ClipGrab 3. Some of its setup features don't work because the unix based app needs Growl and the Mac doesn't have it. You have to set it up a certain way and the app is free and rocks. In the meantime, what can i say, Wondershare's stuff now works nicely, doesn't crash and the tech support knows what it is doing and is patient. I do not deny your problems with returns but they are the same problems of return that I faced with 4Media and Xilisoft and their very complex soultions with no manual and a tech support in far off land where they probably have never seen the product they support. Welcome to business realities. Your cautions may be warranted, but my experience with Wondersoft has been very different. I still hold great allegiance to the iTubeX developer who is working on a new version that's better than his other which has problems but consistently gets 5 star ratings. And I wrote the German freeware guy to find out where to donate for his open source stuff. All the rest of the download packages for Mac don't deal with the good stuff happening with improvements of such sites as YouTube and high definition video. The 4Media company didn't even know that in their own browser of their downloader in YouTube which allows you to pick the pixel density. I had to mail them a picture of the button to click in their own program. The Wondershare product downloads all over the Web and is astounding (Version 2.0.0) These companies make their policies to not lose lots of money when the technology changes. They try ways to stubbornly resist the direct refund. But look at Intuit. Their long awaited Quicken Essentials for Mac 2010 is a stupid program of great incompetence on purpose. That company will refund to you instantly over and over but their tech support is friendly as pie but will suggest you don't rebuy the product and stay with Quicken 2007 for Mac. You can only upgrade your data from the old Quicken so you have to own their old product or you are out of luck. There is no export of data to other third party programs. It may seem like this post is a rant and I am entirely digressing, but do you see that for the Mac companies act a certain way. It's all big business tricks and every company can be your best friend or seem to be a fair weather friend. Make what you will of this reply. One tech at Wondershare is really helping me with their new product line and I can't thank her enough because she has made Wondershare outstanding as an experience for me. However, welcome to the Mac oriented world of reality of big business practices. Be careful what you buy on trial before you buy is the answer. Use the trial packages very thoroughly. I can't say what happened to you where the wrong order was placed and they didn't refund. They probably were bent on selling you what you needed in light of the fiasco with Safari and changes in the Web.
By the way, another downloader called Tooble went into blackout and didn't respond to emails either because they were rebuilding their troubled downloader. Now they sell the Pro version and there are no more freebees. However, this new Tooble works but the real Tooble that really meets the changes on the Web straight on won't be out for some time. All companies act this way it seems, no matter where you go. Money, money. However, I love Wondershare today. But will I suffer a change from Flash Video to HTML-5 and a non-workable app in the future...probably. This post is long but I feel necessary to understand the business mentality of these companies and Wondershare and give them slack when they really do a stupendous job like the tech there who is guiding me now.

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