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WMDs Found in Iraq

Contrary to ongoing reports by mainstream media outlets, WMDs have been found in Iraq, so reports New York Times best-selling author Richard Miniter in his new book, Disinformation.

Consider these shocking facts:

? Found: 1.77 metric tons of enriched uranium

? Found: 1,500 gallons of chemical weapons

? Found: Roadside bomb loaded with sarin gas

? Found: 1,000 radioactive materials--ideal for radioactive dirty bombs

? Found: 17 chemical warheads--some containing cyclosarin, a nerve agent five times more powerful than sarin

This is only a partial list of the deadly weapons Miniter reveals in his new book, Disinformation. Miniter systematically dissects the "No-WMD Myth" (how it started, and why it continues), as well as 21 other War-on-Terror myths perpetuated by the media.

The intelligence revealed in Disinformation is vital. The publisher (Regnery, a sister company of HUMAN EVENTS) has agreed to send you one key chapter--free. Simply indicate below to which email address you want the chapter sent and you will receive it in a matter of m

yup i guess they imagined these findsHappy

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Reporting: WMDs Found in Iraq
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17 chemical warheads

I recall the coalition forces massed on the Kuwait/Iraq (2003) border with all kinds of chemical gear and masks just waiting for the launch of chemical weapons.

I don't recall any chemical attacks happening.

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ask the kurdss jp

didnt have to use them to have them

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didnt have to use them to have them

No, but he had to have them to use them

IF he had them, can you tell me why you think he didn't use them?

You say he wasn't afraid to use them.

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ask him

was proven he had them why not use i cant answer

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One possible reason for not using them is that they would

simply po the Americans. The Americans had protective gear, so the stuff would not have hurt them, but it could have mightily ticked them off. There was heavy firepower moving into Iraq.

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The Kurds again?

Do you really support the Kurds or do you just use them in order to try to justify the American occupation/invasion of Iraq? How do you feel about the Kurdish liberation movements in the NATO ally Turkey? Turkey did oppress the Kurdish population for a very long time, but has soften up slightly since they want to enter the EU. But before they banned the Kurds from talking their language, they jailed Kurdish journalists and writers that critisized the Turkish oppressive regime etc. And the USA was/is in fact supporting Turkey military and financially.

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but did turkey gas them as thats what i said

but its a proven fact sadsam the grat killer and benevolent dictator he was used gas and thats a fact jack.

happy trolling tibbs

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It would be nice to know first of all what you mean by trolling. Do you mean that everyone that disagrees with you is a troll? I don't know...

Do you support the case of the Kurds or not? That should be an easy question for ya. Doncha think? You mention them very often when talking about Hussein and it almost seems as if you are a spokesman for their case sometimes since you bring their case up so often.

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and as the question was

if saddam had WMDS and gas is 1 you would do best to troll some where else.

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You chose to reply to some posts

but not to the one that really touched the subject.

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What does Turkey have to do with Iraq's WMD?

Start your own thread and see if you get any bites.

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the subject was

about wmds in irag, and as saddam had and used gas says it all what part dont you understand?

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Can you blame them

The was a track record of past chemical usage by the Iraqi regime.

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(NT) (NT) not blaming anyone

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