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Wishlist for fixes in Medi@ 2.0

This is my small wishlist i have since I bought the UE46B7070 LED TV (which works great as TV, but some things are not working in Medi@ 2.0):

1. Support for subtitles inside MKV files. Today only external subtitles are supported. Also, if possible, support for several subtitles (as that is an standard feature in MKV files. Should be mapped to the subtitles button on the remote control to easily change on the fly.

2. Support for passing on DTS sound to external receiver. Even if you do not have any built in codec to actual decode the DTS you should be able to pass it on to external receiver.

3. Support for multiple sound track in MKV files (for additional languages OR AC3/DTS sound).

4. Possibility to "mount" NFS or SMB volume for direct media streaming.
I have seen several threads on other forums about people getting access to underlying linux/unix system in the Medi@ 2.0 box and being aboe to mount NFS filesystem on the USB mountpoint. That have given them full access to stream all content from an NFS shared network volume. But there are no kernel-suport today for SMB mount acess. An nice gu to actually be able to at least mount NFS volumes would be an great feature.

5. This is not an Medi@ 2.0 feature, but an request to Samsung to put up Rleease notes for their Firmware updates. Today we have no way to wee what bugs or features that has been fixed in the firmwares available for the TV.

Please, add more to this thread if you wish and HDTech or any other person from Samsung, please provide us with feedback.

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Flawed Media Connection

I totally agree ! The TV is fantastic especially with HD TV Channels and Blu-Rays however the Media connection is really flawed, I can,t get it to play anything through DNLA on my Windows Home SeverSad

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Wishlist for fixes in Medi@ 2.0


I always welcome your opinion, so thanks for posting.

One question I have - because I want to put in perspective - is to ask if there are any other DLNA devices that allow for multiple soundtracks and subtitles? And if so, which devices?

As far as the release notes, a lot of them got lost in the transition to the new website, and sometimes they are not always available. I post them when I can, and we are working on getting updates posted. I don't think it's unfair to know what was improved when you update your electronics, and I'm working to improve the communication.

I don't know how much will be changed moving forward as far as compatibility, but I'm open to listening and passing your requests up.


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I am not sure it is related to just DLNA service

Hi. Thanks for taking the time to read nad reply to this thread.

For me, DLNA service = streaming over the net and talking to other devices in an standard way.

In this case I would say that my points are valid even if you play the videos from an USB stick or USB drive and not only for DLNA streaming.

The MKV container is great as it as standard can contain several subtitle tracks and sound tracks.

For example, the Popcorn Hour can play subtitles that are included in the MKV container. It can also pass on DTS sound to an external receiver (at least from mounted network drive or local filesystem).

The same goes for an PC running XBMC (X-box media center) or an Mac running Plex and playing local (usb or disk) movies.

When it comes to DLNA servers that can stream MKV files and at the same time handle different soundstreams and/or subtitle stream from within the MKV file, I have no idea what other DLNA server that can do that.

BUT, what can be said is that the Medi@ 2.0 in Samsung TV:s can play an external (.srt subtitle file that is present in same folder as the MKV file), so why not the subtitles that are INSIDE the MKV instead (you do not have any problems playing the picture/movie and the sound stream from within the MKV container).

If we had the chance to at least play ONE of the included subtitles that would be sufficient (in MKV container you can set which of the included subtitles that is the "preferred/standard" subtitle to play). The same goes for the sound tracks. In many cases it is all about choosing between the DTS or AC3 track.

The we have the question about being able to mount an network volume and stream directly from the filesystem. As mentioned, there are already people that have gained access to the underlying system on the Samsung Medi@ TV:s and have verified that NFS support is there and that it is fully possible (and has been done) to mount an NFS filesystem on the mount-point where you usually mount the USB-stick and then then all media on that mounted volume can be played/streamed directly from the mounted filesystem (the TV doesn?t bother if it is an acutal USB device or anything else that is mounted on that mount-point).

I can definitely see the benefits of using DLNA service to connect to other devices, but why not include support for mounting network volumes as well, may it be NFS or samba/cifs shares?

Also, can you tell me anything about support for USB devices and supported filesystems? Most highresolution MKV files or movies filea re larger than 2 Gb and/or 4Gb, which are common limits for biggest filesize in some commonly used filesystems, such as FAT32.

In the end, the Medi@ 2.0 feature is an option that we have paid extra money for and of course we wish it to function in the best possible way.
If we only get "basic" streaming and/or play functionality of moives, then I might say that the money is better spent on an Popcorn hour or similar Media hub. Not to be rude in any way.

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I agree

Just want to add my voice to this thread.
I totally agree with above requests. I bought an LE40B750 and I feel the software needs to be improved to seamlessly support the HD digital medias.
FAT32 only is not enough to old those big HD files. And be able to choose different languages/subtitles seemed to be the standard since the advent of DVDs.
I feel this TV was designed to be much more than a plain TV, but it definetly needs a good firmware upgrade to rock!

Another UI improvement I'd like to see is the mapping of the colored buttons to the "USB safe remove" and "change USB device" functions. Put in general: map the unused buttons to reach the most used functions.

Hope Samsung will not just "imagine" the possibilities. Wink

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