***I bought a WIS09ABGN to give wireless capability to my LN52A650, because the Samsung website for the TV model says the WIS09ABGN is compatible. However, it's not recognizing the stick, and the menus for wireless network are not accessible. However, the stick seems to work fine in my Samsung BD-P1600. Any ideas?***

The Linkstick in question will not work with your TV. I know, if you go to the WIS09ABGN product page, it lists all 2008 TV models as 'compatible,' but it's not the case. This has been brought up on this Forum, and I have personally alerted Samsung about this - you can guess the rest... Sad
For your TV you need WIS-08BG2X or WIS-08BGX, but not the WIS09ABGN.


However, there is good news. The '08 Linkstick that is required for your TV is, for the most part, useless. Unlike its 2009 counterpart, it *cannot* do DLNA, and therefore is only good for InfoLink. In fact, the '08 Linkstick is called the "InfoLink Adapter," only whoever makes it for Samsung has screwed up and printed "InfoLive Adapter" on the label attached to this dongle.

You can access a lot more features through your BD-P. If you want to do DLNA - media streaming to your TV (assuming the BD-P cannot do it), you can either go 'wired' or get a wireless bridge. Search this Forum has a few ideas on how to accomplish that.