When my old router started giving me problems.
I bought a Netgear R6200 which is a AC router even though I don't have any AC devices right now. Am sure I will have later on.
The 6200 does have 4 gigabit Ethernet ports as well as a USB port.
The range is excellent, better than anything I have ever owned. It streams Netflix to a cheap Samsung wireless Blu-ray player with no buffering and not a flicker from about 60 feet away through 3 walls.
I have 2 wired and 4 wireless units on it and when the Grandkids come over add 2 more and it doesn't seem to slow it down a bit.
The only knock I have seen on the router is it's size. It is big compared to other routers, 10 inches wide, 8.4 inches high and almost 3 inches deep with stand. It runs very cool so no worry's about over heating like a lot of them I have read about.
They are a little pricy, about $150.00 or a little less.