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Wireless Router - Disconnections

Hi all,

I?ve been experiencing several problems with wireless routers over the past few years and thought I?d try asking for advice. I keep having the same intermittent disconnects across multiple computers, having used 3 different routers.

The short of it is that every single router I?ve used has ended up having connection issues over wireless. During these intermittent issues, my computer would no longer connect to the internet despite still being connected to the router with ?5 bars,? an ?excellent? signal. At first, I thought it was an issue with my ISP, but I noticed that I could not even access the router page at ? something I should be able to do even if the ISP?s connection did go down.

I?ve tried basic things:

power cycling the router (which does restore router access for a short time),
cmd -> ipconfig/release renew (doesn?t seem to restore router access reliably),
disabling security on the router (nada),
disconnecting and reconnecting via the network (same as release/renew),
changing the wireless channel (no noticeable difference between 1, 6, and 11)

Thus, I?m at a loss and left wondering what exactly is going on. This happens both through walls and when I?m right next to the router, so I doubt it?s interference from any solid object. And cycling the channel should rule out interference from most other 2.4GHz devices (and I?d think this would make the signal degrade from excellent anyhow).

I?m thinking of buying a new router which will hopefully be better, but I?m losing hope since I?ve yet to encounter a router that doesn?t have this problem and there?s at least 6 reviews for every router Newegg that claim it suffers from similar issues.

Any suggestions?

Linksys WRT54G
Netgear WNR1000v2
Netgear DGN1000 (this one?s both a DSL modem and a wireless router)

OSes: Ranged from Windows XP to the now, Windows 7.

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I can tell one thing.

What security was used? Your story is consistent with WEP or no security. It's also consistent with what happens if you hide the SSID or if the router is just a little out of range.

That only covers the router. There are many laptops such as the dv6000/dv9000/tx1000 and other lines that have the issues above but I can't find the make and model as well as the above settings.

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Hi Bob,

Thanks for your response. I was using WPA2 security, but toggling it off made no difference in terms of connection. SSID is being broadcasted. I don't think the connection would show 5 bars if it was just out of range... would it?

Most recently occurred with my Sony Vaio VGN-AW290 (Win 7) and Dell Latitude 620 (Win XP).

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Given the story.

Remember the forum advice is router defaults, WPA and WPA2 only if it works for your gear. XP didn't get WPA2 support until later.

Since it's three routers I wonder if the machine's in question have issues like a too tight firewall (my buddies run into folk that set the firewall to maximum security and wonder why it doesn't work.) Nothing in your posts reveal much except it is unlikely to be the router.

In the same house when you encounter all the machines failing you head straight to it being the owner that did the same thing to all machines. That is, we'll wipe out their security suite and see if the machines act normal. This is hard for some owners so we have to be gentle. Sometimes the owner digs in their heels so we have to reschedule. This is a way of giving them time to think over if they want help or not.

"I don't think the connection would show 5 bars if it was just out of range... would it?"

Yes it could. Rare but it could. It happened on a bum router to us.

Sorry but nothing else pops up here. At least the machines are not in the bad list.

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Well, the computer I'm currently using is running Zone Alarm, though that's always been set to medium.

I thinking it's a DHCP issue since this only seems to occur when more than one user is connected to the wireless. Or at least that's the only discernible pattern I can think of.

Thanks for your help regardless though.

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