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Wireless router connection lost with streaming media?!

I have a strange problem I can't solve. Often times I lose my wireless internet connection when connecting to streaming media. Particularly, Motherlode on and song previews. After trying to buffer for a while, my signal quality will go from excellent, to lost.

The strage thing is that it isn't just my computer (CF74 toughbook running XP pro) that loses it's connection--everything on my wireless network loses its connection. Mostly, this is just my Roku Soundbridge. My router is a cheap Netgear WGR614 v7. Anyone have any thoughts? I never lose the connection except when this happens.

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Reporting: Wireless router connection lost with streaming media?!
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I have the same problem!

I looked all over trying to find someone who had the same issue. But I narrowed it down to this: That router works fine with Windows Media player, but not Real Player. It disconnects my internet connection when I got to places like and try to watch game highlights.

I'm actually on hold right now trying to find out what the issue is with this thing. It took me about 30 days to figure out that it was my router, because I had just reformatted. Then I got a laptop, and it has the same problem as well!

Drives me crazy!

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wgr614 v7 problems

I have had a similar problem you two have described. But only when a second computer with a D-Link WNA2330 RangeBooster G Notebook Adapter is connected at the same time. Then the connection drops about every five minutes... I thought it was because I my router is set up on the floor below me, but then I brought both lap-tops with in a meter from router and they still dropped the connection... have you found any solutions for the dropping signal?

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Just sharing.

My neighbors laptop was having extreme difficulty last week. After he told me a bit more I suggested we change the RF channel. We had it on channel 6 and move to 11. It's working now.

In your case I'd also check that the firmware is updated and you didn't disable SSID broadcast since I'm running around flipping it back on. "Tech" is paying his car payment just by runnning around turning that back on. Thanks to those security pundits "Tech" is going to pay off his car early.


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Still haven't figured it out. Streaming windows media doesn't seem to do it, but streaming Real Player stuff almost always does. I'm pretty much stumped and have resorted to just avoiding Real Player stuff.

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And I'm stumped too. Here's why.

Not a word what router you have, the firmware version, the SSID setting, what is your SSID and more.

It's likely you'll have to call the geek squad and pay.


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Sorry, thought I posted that in the first post. I've changed the SSID a couple of times and currently have Netgear1. The router is a Netgear WGR614 v7. I'm using WEP, and am on channel 11, though I've changed that around too. Firmware is V1.0.12_1.0.12NA.

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Firmware has new version (link) lists a .14 version with a note about Realplayer reboots.

"WGR614v7 Firmware Version 1.0.14
North America & World Wide Versions.

Published October 13, 2006.

Bugs Fixed
Static routing setup can now accept host route.
Fixed a bug which caused the router reboot when using Realplayer Online."

Other bugs noted. I thought I mentioned firmware updates as something I've found to help with router problems.

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wgr614 v7 netgear router drop connection

well last month i bought one netgear WGR614 router but same i had problem that my wireless drop connection while working. even it was showing exilent connactivity of wireless with my laptop. even i called to my regional NETGEAR customer care and that lady she assist me on phone. i change route's settings and even i update Firmware. but nothing workout. then they replaced that router. but there was same problem. then i try to update my ADSL DM111 Modem. i updated its firmware and then i fixed that problem. but i realy hard to fix this. i think you must try to update you MODEM. coz your router keep connecting with your leptop but your modem drop internet connection to router. you must try this and put 1490 MTU size in your Wireless Router. i hope it would work.

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Same Problem

I have the same problem trying to stream Real Media Player using a Linksys BEFW11S4 router, but with a wired connection to the router.

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Same problem

I have the same problem trying to stream Real Media Player with a Linksys BEFW11S4 router, but with a wired connection to the router.

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Did you try the above?

We can save time by making complete posts.

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it is in the realmedia player settings

real meadia is set to stream using RTSP as default which usually blocked by most wireless routers. The safest way around this is to enable HTTP streaming as default by going to Tools>Preferences and click on network transports (this may differ depending on your version of realplayer). At that page click on RTSP settings and uncheck all boxes except the one that enables http streaming (last one in version 11) and click OK. Go back and do the same for PNA settings. From now on it shoul work OK without disconnecting your wireless connection

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