Let's assume the cable is OK. But I see you have access to 2 PC's and 2 routers. So the first thing to do is to find out if it's the router that is to blame or this PC. Check if this PC will work wired on the second router and if the 'other' PC will work wired on this router.

Please post your findings.

Assuming it's the PC that is to blame please also post:
- if there's anything strange (such as the yellow exclamation mark) regarding the network interface in Device Manager
- if the LED on the network card (next to the slot you plug the cable in) shows activity
- the output of ipconfig /all on this PC (run from the command prompt and copy/paste into your post)
- what the router management page says about the connections if you connect both PC's hardwired (use the one that works to access that page)

These are just some diagnostics to get a better picture of the situation. Normally, an Ethernet-connection just works if you plug it in, so something must be wrong. Since you don't know what is wrong, you have to look at quite a lot of things.