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wireless network media state disconnected

Dec 14, 2005 10:27PM PST

Hello all,

I'm having problem connecting to my wireless network.

I can connect via an ethernet connection but when I go to the ipconfig command from the CMD prompt I receive the following message:

Ethernet adapter wireless network connection2:

Media State Media State Disconnected.

If I check the wireless card's status under the Control Panel System the device is "enabled and functioning properly"

I've checked the setting against the other PC's I have on my network and the settings are corrct.

When I try to repair the newtork I receive a messagethat the repair can't be completed.

I keep getting a pop up from windows that the wireless network is unavailable.,

Obviously, I need some help finding a fix.

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Looks like it's working to me.
Dec 14, 2005 10:29PM PST

But many don't want those messages. To turn the messages off, disable the wireless card.


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Try this
Dec 14, 2005 10:37PM PST

Have you tried to restore your pc to an early time? Try to do this first if it was working previously.
Or create a restore point, remove the wireless card from the device manager and reboot your computer. Windowns will pick up the drivers automatically.

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no success
Dec 15, 2005 5:56AM PST

I've tired various things uninstalling the card and reinstalling the software.

repairing the TCP/IP using a utility

all to no avail.

Netgear wasn't any help and the Microsoft XP website and didn't find a fix.

it's hard to believe that no one else is having this problem given the install base of Xp and Net Gear.

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media disconnected
Dec 24, 2005 10:14AM PST

Do u have norton Anti-virus installed on the computer?

Do u remember getting any pop that says 'some files at risk and do u want to delete them'? If so, try to un-delete the files, {not sure where they are and how to do it} and then try to repair the network.

Media disconnected - typically sounds like a hardware error.

Check if the cable is properly plugged in, Lights on the network port are blinking, make a note of the color of the lights and if any flashing sequence.

If required uninstall/reinstall the drivers for the network card. Before you do that, if you were ever able to connect to the network, do a driver roll back..

life@your own risk ....

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Have you tried resetting your modem or router?
Dec 24, 2005 7:54PM PST

I had problems like you describe and it was my router going bad.

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tried it but didn't fix it but
Jan 3, 2006 1:28PM PST

at this point I have a limited connection.

when I do an ipconfig/all the wireless connection is not acquiring the "default gateway"

it does acquire the ip address and the subnet.

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dont worry!! thre are lot of people who have same problem!!
Nov 13, 2006 12:45AM PST


I am suffering from the same problem and no one cann give me any ******* fix for it!! i tried and tring from last 3 weeks and cant find anything !! every one is going round the bush cant give a stright answer !! may be abug with wireless!! propably try wireless confiaration and let me know if it works!!

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Oh YES! I do have the message Mediam disconnected
Jan 2, 2013 1:05AM PST

I have recently purchased and installed a new ASUS wireless unit which works great with any laptop or my smart phone but not with the laptop I used to do the initial installation.

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Dec 24, 2005 10:18AM PST

Please ignore the above message..

See, we are right now using a wireless cable involved. That is, no media involved, hence, media disconnected.

Try disabling the wired connection and then try to work with your wireless.

Also, perform ipconfig /all...this is where you will get the results for ethernet controller and wireless controllers.. In the first one, it might say media disconnected again.

Troubleshoot on the wireless network otherwise, not on media disconnected after disabling the wired connection.

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Media Disconnect
Jan 19, 2006 5:05AM PST

I have the same issue. With one PC everything fine. On the other pc, it sees the signal fine but won't connect. ipconfig says media disconnect, tried manually setting TCP no joy.

Have uninstalled other Lan cadr, updated drivers, re-installed software. No joy.

But when I connect via cable to router, then fine....

Two days trying to find a solution so far!

If you solved, would love to know how!

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XP Home Wireless Network - Netbook connects; Laptop does not
Aug 5, 2010 8:43PM PDT

Same issue as the post below. My netbook connects fine but the laptop in ipconfig says 'Media disconnected' and will not connect wirelessly. On wired connection directly to router (BT Home Hub 2)it works again. All are on Windows XP Sp3. Home hub has correct lights up. Laptop >control panel > Network Connections > shows the wireless icon but has a red cross showing it is disconnected. Laptop Wifi is on and NIC is active and on.
ANy thoughts please on why the laptop will not connect?

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Wireless Network Media State disconnected - solved.
Mar 1, 2006 4:38AM PST

This issue was resovled

> First went into the Device Manager and uninstalled the wireless network adapator and restarted the computer, now the drivers were automatically detected and now tried....

> its awesome, the issue is resolved and now i'am able to browse the sites, without any issues.

> its great..

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Same problem
Oct 29, 2008 9:10PM PDT

I had the same problem after uninstalling SpyDoctor, and and going into the device manager worked. My problem was that the modem was disabled.

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Please help
Jul 11, 2007 3:18AM PDT

I have the same issue linksys router BEFW11S4
I have reset the router...done everything possible i could but no vail still says media disconnected when i do ipconfig but when i connect directly it works

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Media State Cable disconnected: Does this post help?
Aug 14, 2007 3:09PM PDT

Does this post help anyone?

Here is what it says:

Network/cable disconnected - Media Sense
Posted July 16th, 2007 by admin

When the network cable is disconnected, Windows shows a message like a "Network disconnected" icon on the TaskBar and the 'ipconfig' command shows a "Media State ...: Cable disconnected" message and disables the entire network protocol stack. This means that you cannot even reach network addresses on your own computer.

This is the normal behavior of Windows 2000 and XP. The cause is a new feature called Media Sense that disables the entire network stack if the cable is not powered.

In Windows since version 2000 TCP/IP supports Media Sense, which can improve the roaming experience for portable device users. Media Sense support, added in NDIS 5.0, provides a mechanism for the network adapter to notify the protocol stack of media connect and media disconnect events. Windows 2000 TCP/IP utilizes these notifications to assist in automatic configuration.

For instance, in Windows NT 4.0, when a portable computer was located and DHCP-configured on an Ethernet subnet, and then moved to another subnet without rebooting, the protocol stack received no indication of the move. This meant that the configuration parameters became stale, and not relevant to the new network segment. Additionally, if the computer was shut off, carried home, and rebooted, the protocol stack was not aware that the network adapter was no longer connected to a network, and again stale configuration parameters remained. This could produce problems, as subnet routes, default gateways, and other configuration parameters could conflict with dial-up parameters.

Media sense support allows the protocol stack to react to events and remove stale parameters. For example, if a Windows 2000 computer is unplugged from the network (assuming the network adapter supports Media Sense), after a damping period of 20 seconds, TCP/IP invalidates the parameters associated with the network that has been disconnected. The IP address(es) no longer allow sends, and any routes associated with the interface are invalidated.

Media Sense can be disabled if it is not desired. Please see the following Microsoft Knowledge Base article:

How to Disable Media Sense for TCP/IP in Windows 2000

However, you should first try to repair any hardware defect if your hardware indicates that the cable is not connected, when, in fact, it is connected. For example, swap the Ethernet adapter for a different one.

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Help with wireless network
Apr 17, 2009 3:51AM PDT

System: PC, Windows XP Pro, Dlink router,DSL Modem
I use MobileMe and sync MS Outlook my deskto, laptop and Iphone. I noticed a few days ago that the info I typed in MS Outlook on my deskto would not sync. Outlook info sync find from laptop and I connect to internet via wireless router from laptop. I can also use my wireless HP printer. Problem: My wireless network adapter does not show up at all on my desk to which the modem is connected thorugh the wireless router. I cannot sync Outlook via Mobileme from desktop. How can I get my wireless network adapter fixed on my desktop? thanks.

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media disconnected
Apr 17, 2009 10:23PM PDT

Just had this problem, tried lots of things, but no good. Then did a System restart using last weeks date and HEY PRESTO all is ok now

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Try this...
May 4, 2009 10:50AM PDT

Type in the network address value box in the advanced tab of your wireless network adapter. Obviously, the radio button next to the empty value box must be clicked upon. The adapter on this computer is an "Atheros" model. Then, Start, Run, (Type CMD in the Run box) type ipconfig and press enter. If its meant to be, an IP address should show its face. If if're wirelessly wired up.
Good Luck.

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wireless network media state disconnected- finally fixed!
Sep 9, 2009 12:39PM PDT

I know this was an old issue, but I just ran into it.
wireless showed as connected but could not get on the internet. ipconfig showed "media disconnected state". After hours, finally found the answer...if xp..go to control panel-network local area connection-advanced tab-unclick the internet sharing boxes that allow otehrs to connect and control your internet connection. (go figure- after I spent hours opening the "wireless network connection"-- it was the wired one that I needed to adjust)

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internet connection problems
Sep 23, 2010 1:29AM PDT

wow! thanks for the post. I spent hours trying all sorts of things and in the end it was a very simple fix. I could connect to the router but couldn't access the internet. I as the previous poster stated... went to control panel, network connections, double clicked on local Area connection, clicked on the advanced tab and deselected the "allow other network users to connect through this computer..."

and viola! I could get online!

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check your wireless software network
Jul 17, 2010 2:50AM PDT

try to reboot router and modem... if not-> iprenew and release in cmd..if it states media disoconnected then there is no ip and you can not do a iprenew or release.

try to unistall and reinstall wirless card drivers and try to ping if ping is sucesfull then tcp stack is good. if not, nic card could be bad-> run a diagnostic on it thru the bios setup.

in the cmd, it stated media state dns no subnet and no ip addresses. i checked my router configs and everything was fine.

what worked for me was that the wirless software client that i have installed on the pc has a PASSWORD!!! AND A NETWORK...i couldnt obtain an ip , however i launched my wirless software and logged in using my password and i was able to connect....NOW it shows an ip and so forth. i am ablt to connect succesfully.

if you have wirless try logging in thru the network using the encrypted password . your password is located in your router in case you dont know where it is.

btw you can do a arp -a to check what connetions exist on the network

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Media state disconnected issue with Wireless
Apr 8, 2011 12:48PM PDT

I had this problem with my Laptop and I went all around the houses trying to resolve it. i.e. ipconfig, restore points and uninstalling driver and rebooting and all of that B*****KS.

It was infact a stupid little switch on the underside of the machine that swithes the wireless on and Off that I would never have even thought about until i mentioned the problem to a mate who on the off chance new someone that had the same problem.
I have had the machine for three years and must have just inadvertently knocked it without realising

Look for that switch and turn it on.

You will need to enter your WEP key etc to get back on line and also re-install any network printers if you have any as the original connections may have been lost.

If its not a laptop and or you have no switch then it may be a hardware issue if you have tried everything else

Good Luck....

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Old discussion closed.
Jan 2, 2013 1:07AM PST

Please start a new discussion with the full details if needed.