1. Uninstalled the two programs you added? (It may simply be a need to for changing settings on the firewall of both items, but uninstalling should solve it easier.)

2. Made sure the wifi "button/switch" on the computer is turned "on"? The on/off button is located on the side of the case or above the keyboard depending on the model. On some computers, the switch is actually a touch point on the panel above the keyboard.

3. Since it's gone back to factory settings, if you happen to have Norton installed on the computer, uninstall it, plus the firewall it might contain.

And a question: You mentioned the computer "has been restored to factory settings".. Did you format the drive and reinstall Windows, or did you use the Recovery partition or discs to restore it back to its original state? Either way, check to make sure the wireless adapter has a driver installed by opening "Device Manager" and checking the "Network Adapters" section.

Hope this helps.