I own two wireless surround sound systems: Pioneer's SE-DIR800C and LTB's True 5.1 Dolby Digital Q Home FX. There are pros and cons for each system.

The Pioneers uses an infrared system to transmit the signal, so you must be in the direct line of sight with the transmitter for good reception. The headphones weigh about 8 oz. and are fine for one movie, after that they become tiring and start to feel uncomfortable. The surround experience is good but not outstanding with the Dolby Digital and DTS settings. I do enjoy listening to music using the Dolby Pro Logic 2 setting. It expands the soundstage. Also there is NO dropouts or other types of interference with the infrared system.

The LTB uses a 2.4 GHz transmitter and has only Dolby Digital and stereo. The headphones are excellent and weigh about 7 oz. Each earcup has 3 speakers in it and the surround effects are excellent. The only drawback is that there are dropouts once in a while due to radio signals/ other 2.4GHz products (cordless phones, wireless routers, etc. I hope this helps you.