Wireless headphones and brand new LG Smart TV

Okay CNet land, I have been staring at this set of wireless headphones and my father's brand new LG LM6200 Smart TV for the past hour and cannot come up with a solution. My father likes to fall asleep to the TV, though his girlfriend occasionally can't take it. I bought these headphones so that they could both be happy.

I bought for him the Sennheiser RS120 wireless headphones. His TV, as mentioned above, is the LG LM6200.

I have tried all three "channels" on the RS120 receiver, as well as "external speaker," none of it worked. I would really like to make these things work as they cost a fair amount!

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you Happy

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Reporting: Wireless headphones and brand new LG Smart TV
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Clarification Request
(NT) Wireless headphones and brand new LG smart tv
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connecting smart TV to wireless headphones

If your smart TV has an "audio out" 3.5mm connection (looks like a black square with one hole in centre; just "audio out" not "digital audio out") and your headphones use RCA connectors (the red and white round old-fashioned ones like a stereo uses) you can just go to any electronics store and get a "3.5mm to RCA" cable/adaptor. I needed male to male but the store I went to only sold 3.5mm male to RCA female, so I also got a pair of RCA "plug couplers" (barrel connectors) that are female-to-female. Total cost: $20. Voila.

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This setup Mutes the TV speakers

Hi There, you are correct with waht you suggest. Alas the Connecting of the headphones mutes the TV speakers.

So if like me you need headphones to properly hear the TV my wife cannot hear the TV as the sound is muted by the headphone connection. Another work around is to use a scart lead c/w with a pair of RCA connectors and then your headphones connected, this enables you to both listen to the TV. Unfortunately connected this way works fine for only the TV, the headphones do not work if you try to use them on any smart app... Netflix etc..??

Crazy, crazy situation - LG TVs avoid them like the plague


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Ahh, almost all mute the speakers when you use that jack.

As to apps, since the apps are now coming from other than the TV maker , how to assure that all apps are bug free?

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Alan could you expand on how the connection would work using the scart lead. I dont believe my tv has a connection for a scart adapter.

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amsmarle has one post and that was it.

Never returned.

If you want to go over headphone options, start a new post with full details and model numbers.

Please don't omit a detail like "I want the speakers to stay on when I plug in the headphones."

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Have you tried Brookstone TV headphones?

I have older ones. The newer models look pretty great and i beleive still connect with the standard audio tri color aux port. ( my model LG had those) I use them with my bedroom Samsung TV. I have had them for a few years now they and they hang on a charger when not in use. Charge lasts for many hours..even days.. I have a slight hearing loss in the middle range so not to blow out my husband's ears, I use them. There is no problem with the TV's sound. You can turn it off completely or raise it.. there is no delay either so if I can hear it and it matches. they are comfortable too. I just purchased an LG smart TV for my home office. I wanted to use headphones daily. I was looking online to see which ones i should get. I also want to use them for audio books and for running that would pair with all devices. I sent back ( amazon) 2 pairs of high end ones as they didn't work well or could not pair with my phone or computers. didn't even try the tv yet.... Any thoughts on a reasonable over the ear set?

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(NT) I Have A Prob with Brookstone Digital Wireless Headphones
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I Have A Prob with Brookstone Digital Wireless Headphones

I have connected the headphones in various ways--with the white/red av cables and also with the 3.5 mm RCA connection to the square digital plug in back of LG TV. I only get a buzz and no audio. Headphones are charged and the transmitter is next to the TV. I am ready to send them back; I've spent 2 hours on this today. Even tried to connect headphones through the DVD player. No luck. Appreciate any ideas out there.

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Avoid burying new discussions in 5 year old discussions.

As it's too hard to hold a discussion, and this is 5 years old let's do this.

1. You need to create a new discussion with the full make and model numbers of TV and what you want to connect. Be sure to detail any other requirement as "the TV speakers must remain on." Keep in mind not all TVs do that.

2. This old thread is now locked. It's that old.

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