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Wireless Card doesn't see networks after Standby?

Hi folks, I have a Buffalo 54G wireless PCMIA card that has the Client Manager. YEAH I KNOW IT IS AN OLD PRODUCT! But it works and I'm just encountering one problem. When I put the PC on standby, when I wake it back up, the Card does not see any active wireless networks nor does it reconnect. The Client manager sees nothing in the area. I've got to restart the computer to get it working again. I'm sure this is a win xp problem or my old Presario X1030 problem, but if you have any ideas, I'd appreciate it.

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Reporting: Wireless Card doesn't see networks after Standby?
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Me Neither

I'm using XP Home on an HP pavilion Zt 3000, vintage 2003 or 2004. I have Linksys Rangeplus Wireless Notebook Adapter to take full advantage of the 54 KBPS Linksys router I have. Strange things have been happening lately. I'm getting blue screens of death. I'm supposedly downloading Microsoft's downloads, but the always on computer seems to be turning off and back on without any commands from me, too often lately. Until last Sunday, I had google voice on this machine. Now I get a message that says bad request error 400. If I attempt to get help from some google forums, I get the same screen: bad request, error 400. Meanwhile, three other machines, two laptops and one desktop, get google voice routinely. There's something else I've lost on this machine also: the Google Chrome eight thumbnails that pop up when one hits the Home button, rather than the simple google home that was just one of those eight favorite thumbnails until yesterday, when somehow I lost them all. This last may be a separate issue. Would Appreciate all the help I can get on this.

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Bad cookies?
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not the problem

The problem is not youre card,there is another program running on youre system,and if youre on wifi,there is a very good chance someone is altering the data,this is a common problem with wifi hackers and thieves.Now the setup for youre internet could very well be a temporay situation,i have a solution,but you may not want to hear it.First of all if you are doing downloads,and youre accepting requests to istall directx and from a unlicensed and or unknown source,then you have given the power and authority to anyone to make changes in youre system,and yes they can make and see anything.The other real problem and ive discussed this with Microsoft as they made a grave error and have tried to set it right with extensive KB downloads(security is this.They say at microsoft and in thier literature that in order to keep control over youre system and who makes and doesnt make changes can be controlled by the administrator setting,this is bad for two very good reasons,first of all the admin settings does two things that can end in catastropic damages,being that under admin anyone anywhere at any site has the same exact privledges as the owner does,and secondly once you set that mode you cant change the user name and or files because its all headed under the last user name,bud,ive been there and done that and ill tell you this ,as a designer of flight sim aircraft and helicopters what you dont want to lose is all of that data and all of those files,which you will.The other thing is that once on the admin every single change you make ,downloading ,copying a file whtever you will be beat to death with three pop ups on each and every file asking you for permission to do such.Youre answer to all of youre problems is simple.and again i refer you to SYSTEM MECHANICS PRO,its here for a download,and once you see that its the best program ever designed ,it has everything you need and or will ever want and all upgrades are free,support 24/7,downloads come in multiples on some days because as soon as they detect a threat on youre system and or any,they examine it counter it and send an immediate counterprocess to prevent anything from occuring on youre system,as well as secure the line OUTSIDE of youre computer,you will see the downloads and sites before you ever hit them,the downloads can be internally examined outside,which you can chose whether you really want it or not.Please do yourself a favor at at least try it.Dont forget you heard it here on the premier tech site,CNET

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You have got to be kidding me.

I just had to delete System Mechanic Pro for ruining my system. I have had SMP for over a year and when it works, it works well. When it doesn't, it is a disaster. First, one install caused a complete mess of XP home and I never recovered until I deleted the entire system and installed XP Pro. On a clean install I installed SMP and only SMP as my antivirus and registry cleaner. It worked for about 2 or 3 months until it called for an SMP update. I let it update itself, but instead of updating 9.5, it chose to reinstall itself completely. After it reinstalled, I could not get beyond the an F10 bios start up and had to do another fresh repair install of XP Pro. That piece of junk is NEVER coming back on my computer. My wireless connection is only an WPA connection and I disallow all others. I don't do downloads of movies, but am simply trying to watch tv or movies from networks, hulu, or netflix. That seems to have nothing to do with my hibernation problem. The computer turns off the card and won't re awaken it. It shows 1 green channel, meaning it is on, but it cannot see any wireless networks in the area...

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Just a quick thought

I know that sometimes devices can be configured to save power when not needed and this goes for wireless types. If yours is configured for such, I'd wonder if you're letting the PC hibernate on it's own or forcing it to do so. If letting it to do so on it's own and the wireless device has already shut down at that time, it naturally would return to the same state when the PC came out of hibernation. That state would be off. Just a thought. I don't have a clue otherwise as I refuse to use hibernation anymore due to so many other problems I've had with it.

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