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Wireless Cable modem VS Cable modem + Wireless router

I am planning to setup a Wi-Fi network at home. Is there any performance difference between a Wireless Cable Modem and a separate cable modem and wireless router?

I am currently looking for a Wireless Cable modem because it would be eliminate need of a separate wireless router and in essence avoid the wire-clutter.

The options I am currently looking at right now are:
1) Wireless-G Cable Gateway Cable Modem with Built-In Wireless-G Router

2) Motorola SBG900 SURFboard Wireless 802.11g 54Mbps Cable Modem Gateway (

I have a Intel PRO/Wireless 3945ABG Network Connection - network adapter in my laptop and am running Vista Home Premium?

Would it be wise getting a combo or should I go for separate cable modem and wireless router?

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Reporting: Wireless Cable modem VS Cable modem + Wireless router
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Stay away from the G

The modem/router package isn't really a big concern unless you got to have both. I don't know who you got cable from but they usually give you a modem as part of the service, just plug that into the router. But I'm giving you a heads up on something else so you don't learn latter what I just did.

I have a cable set up with a standard issue modem and wireless 802.11"g" router. But after visiting with my buddy who has the exact same service with a 802.11"n" type router and adapter I'm grinding my teeth with connection speeds and the occasional dropped signal. Don't get me wrong it's good, but after seeing the potential I'm switching to n setup. Do yourself a favor and start looking for a 802.11n wireless router and make sure if you need them to get the same adapters which are becoming the standard. They are a little more pricey but worth the range and speed.

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Thanks for the info, but wouldn't I need additional plugin or dongle for
the 801.11 N.???? Presently, I have a Intel PRO/Wireless 3945ABG Network Connection - network adapter.

I got the Mediacom internet/Cable TV coaxial cable in our apartment as included accessory. Would it be wise to go for separate modem and router or should I go for a combo?

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Your NIC

is compatible with N and G routers.

The biggest advantage of N is it's inherent MIMO (google it). That is what gets most people the distance and perception of speed, not the spec. If you have a rock solid connection even with 802.11b, you will think it's fast. There are MIMO G routers but for the minimal price diff, get an N.

Don't get the combo from your cable co. They will most likely (check w/cableco first) limit your ability to connect multiple PCs.

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G all good here.

The N new stuff is fine too for the price. But here we don't copy files or see any diff when gaming so N gear is just paying for features we don't use.

The ALL IN ONE box is just dandy and one less part you have to maintain.

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Cable gateway

You could use what is called a CABLE GATEWAY, modem router combination or you could do a modem router separately, shop around see which is more cost effective an N series would be not a bad idea.

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Don't buy modem with built-in router!

Don't buy cable modem with built in wireless router. More high tech things in one box, more troubles you will get. I use AT&T DSL. 3 weeks ago, my DSL modem with wireless router couldn't connect to internet. I have to replace them all. Hundred dollar model/router only works 13 months. Now I use my old ADSL modem. It still works. I will switch to Comcast next week, and am going to buy cable modem and wireless router. Not two in one box.

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Olny certain brands work well

I have a Motorola Surfboard DOCSIS 3.0 Black Cable Modem, Model SBG6580. It is very fast and minimal up keep/ restart it. Until of late, I've owned it since it came out, it has been running slow and shotty connections. I do believe it is more efficient but I think if I had a good modem and a seperate router I would avoid the issue after owning it for two years, but then again it runs 24/7 and I live in a dusty area. Overall it is more cost efficient to buy the best combo because on average you'll pay around $120 more for the same results or better the the seperate modem and router.

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