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WinXP defrag problems

I just recently upgraded from 98 to XP prof.

I last defragged 3 weeks prior to the upgrade. I tried to defrag in safe mode as I usually did with 98 for which it worked great. First of all, in safe mode with XP, my screensaver will not disable? Every time I turn it off, it re-enables itself. Secondly, the defragger takes 3 hours to get to 23%, then it stops and won't proceed.

I tried to defrag in standard mode but am not sure which files in task manager to "end task" on before-hand. XP task manager looks different and there are .exe system files running like:


Are these types of files safe to disable? I used to just leave systray and explorer running and close everything else but XP files are different.

My antivirus is disabled.

The "analyze" disc went ok. But defrag seems to hang at 23%??? I d'loaded Diskeeper and tried it with the same results and it won't run at all in safe mode?

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Reporting: WinXP defrag problems
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That one is suspect.

Many spyware/trojan/other would use etc.... to hide under. Can you share what antivirus, antispyware steps you are using?

Also, is the Forum Tip not showing for you? If so, please report that you don't see this with every post you make -> "Tip: If you are asking for help to troubleshoot a computer-related problem, please be sure to include all the necessary information (ie: operating system, model number, hardware, software, etc) that will help others identify your problem for a speedy resolution."


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reply to XP defrag

I am on a DSL network here at work that uses Norton and I don't know what firewall but all our pc's are using it.

Diskeeper wouldn't run in safe mode due to some error regarding a firewall? I can't be messing around with our firewall settings.

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From memory Diskeeper does not run in safe mode.

And it appear the Forum Tip is not showing. Here it is again for you to read -> Tip: If you are asking for help to troubleshoot a computer-related problem, please be sure to include all the necessary information (ie: operating system, model number, hardware, software, etc) that will help others identify your problem for a speedy resolution.

I didn't see much information to work with and you may want to not supply all that. Here's a thought. Some find that the hard disk has developed a flaw that the drive maker's DRIVE FITNESS TEST spots. XP and the tools you listed don't spot such and the owner tends to rotate in 10 G spin cycles until they find the issue.

Again, the forum tip needs to be read since I could have supplied a link to said test but can't since your posts are sparse.


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defrag crashing

End cisvc.exe and cidamon.exe in the task manager. Also, you can run MSCONFIG and disable all non-microsoft services for the time being.

Upgrading from Win98 to XP is a heck of an upgrade and should be followed by upgrading the drive from FAT32 to NTFS partition.

I don't like 3rd party defrags, they never seem to work well long term. Also, check that your cluster size is not an issue, i.e. >1kb. Have found scandisk errors with small cluster sizes after upgrades.

Windows firewall is ok, but bypassable. Don't bet your security on this.

No running process would cause a hang @ 23%. Chkdsk your system after the NTFS upgrade, end those two processes and try again.

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Switch to NTFS?

How do I switch to ntfs? I actually chose that when I installed the upgrade but it does still however show fat-32 when defragging. Is it easy to make the switch without re-installing everything?

In addition to those exe files you said were ok to delete...there are about 10 other similar system files it ok to just end them all leave Explorer only open?


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I wouldn't until that drive fitness test passes.

I've seen a few people explode into flames as their (not backed up) hard disk promptly vanished during the conversion. It's usually safe but you have factors that make me write to run the test. Plus your machine is that UPGRADE path. I've seen it skip the conversion and Microsoft is not that great at reporting why.

And then we have that big ole issue that many don't know that Microsoft does not fetch and install all the needed drivers. Most common omission? Motherboard drivers. MS doesn't do this for us.


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Ok, I'll keep trying

I'll try closing everything except explorer in standard mode and see what happens...If I do it in safe mode with the screensaver running, will it matter? The darn saver will not disable in safe mode at all and i think its interrupting the defragger.

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Defrag Problems

Hey man this defrag problem seems do mabye be that you didn't scan disk, so try scandisk first to organize your files then defrag try both in safe mode this might be your problem if not is Win Xp a Pirate copy because there are certain xp serials on the net that aren't promising, they restrict certain things. get back to me

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