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windows XP/Sp2

Hi gang,this is probably a old subject----But does a person really need to download XP/SP2. I am running windows XP on a HP Pavilion 512w PC. I have heard so many bad reports about it making things worse Instead of better. I had it downloaded as a automatic update.
But the question is , should I Install It on my PC.
I was told that by sometime in April of this year, that it will be installed on your windows XP, whether you want it or not. Has anyone else heard that story, or is that another myth.
I will be checking this site tomorrow, in the hopes that I might get some kind of feedback. Thanks in advance. The Drifter is going to get some sacktime now.

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Reporting: windows XP/Sp2
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well ive installed it on over 50

computers no probs of course there spyware virus free.
allso very soon unless you have sp2 installed no more updates till you do it

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Let me tell you what I know about SP2. I think, some day you will be updated into SP2 if you don't install SP2 right now as you enable the automatic update or accomplishing windows update manually.

For all I know SP2 is a collection of updates and is all about security. It is one of the most important service packs ever released. It provides better protection against viruses, hackers, and worms, and includes Windows Firewall, Pop-up Blocker for Internet Explorer, and the new Windows Security Center.

Please look up the system property of your winXP if it's SP1 or has been SP2.

In other words, what you have been downloading is all the fixes individually and if I'm not mistaken those fixes will be shown in Add/Remove Programs Control Panel as hot fixes.

However, if you installed SP2 as a collection then the individual hot fix will not be shown in the Add/Remove Programs Control Panel, but the Service Pack 2 is shown there.

That's all what I know about WinXP/SP2.


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windows XP/Sp2
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windows XP/SP2

Good Morning Folks,
Wanted to say Thank You All, for the quick comeback on my
question. Lots of Information that I really needed to hear about. I will still check back on this site often.
There is always so much help on this Forum, and I always
suggest that friends of mine try to find out about problems they have-----before they toss their PC's out the back door. Thanks Again, Drifter is out to shovel
some snow.

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sp2: slows speed

After installing sp2, the start up and normal speed of my computer started getting slow.
My advice is as long as you have good anti-virus and spyware protection, better not use sp2. Everything that runs on normal xp does on sp2 too, isn't it same then?
If the automatic updates are turned off(i chose a date for automatic update, while my computer is always turned off, by doing that i don't get instant messages from security center, which bothers me)i don't think sp2 is installed silently. Always use custom install in windows update.

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windows XP/SP2

Hey, thank you for jumping on board with your Idea's on
SP2. The more I hear about it, the more worried I get.
But the more Info I get, the better off I will be, when I make my choice. Thank You, Drifter out.

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just a little info on what i know about sp2....

one of the best when it comes to protection - a post earlier indicated that if you have a good antivirus program or spyware, you should be fine. SP2 provides protection that most major players in that space will not give you.

SP2 is a Layer 2 firewall, protecting you from is something to try, but is best if you have wireless

Install your AV program, or your Spyware program - run a packet sniffer, you WILL see the IP address of that computer (make sure that SP2's firewall is turned off)

Now, turn ON SP2, run a packet sniffer, note that you will NOT see your IP address, thus protecting you from a synflood attack, AV programs DO NOT protect you from such attacks, SP2 will - with it's driver level firewall it protection from the very begining of the protocol stack.

if you are an IT guy, SP2 can be a problem, it is unmanaged thus allowing your users to turn it on/off - thats about all for now!! peace out!

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Thank you for your reply to my gathering Information on
Installing SP2. Very interesting, but you leave me in the
dust, when you talk about a packet sniffer. Sounds like a
dog used at the Airports for Security reasons. My way of
saying "What the Heck is That" But otherwise then that,
sounds good to me. Again Thank You! And its back outside
to shovel some more of that snow we had last night. Drifter, Out.

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